Hey there~

It´s about time I start with little stories and pieces of information for my little babies which I have too many too (actually) count.

Random things will appear, too, so be aware~

Mno - Guren


- yellow-orange-ish hair -> black hair
- black droopy eyes
- light skintone -> darkskinned
- red facial marks, tattoo and horns -> disappear in human form

- not one of many words
- calm and collected demon, as "hidden human" he´s helpful, silent, obserative and very diligent
- strongest fire-demon
- weak health as human since he seperated from his powers and memories
- he despises others pushing their expectations onto him
- a contract with Shinri makes it possible for the others to call his real name without percussions on either side

Guren was living with many fire-oriented types in a magma-zone, living life leisurely. His affinity with fire was so high he has been idolized as natural almost since birth. He only took a liking to Suzaku and later Hibana and sometimes taught them the knack of fire-control. Due to his strength, over time others were expecting for him to solve their problems they willingly caused. Upset with that, he just up and left his home, wandering aimlessly through the demon-realm. Along this journey, he met Yuubi and Kiara who were bullied. At first, he decided to not take part in any way, but was astonished by Kiaras strength and radiance she showed while protecting a pretty useless Yuubi. As she was on the verge of losing, Guren stepped in and saved both. Though being grateful, Kiara was keen on leaving Guren alone after having shown her gratitude. On a whim, Guren tagged along with those two.
One day, a rift was created that connected the human- and the demon-realm and Yuubi and Kiara were about to be torn apart and die. He jumped in to safe them. Miraculously he made contact with Shinri, a priest with strong powers, although very young. He enters into a contract with him without his consent and gave up his demon power and his memories so all three would survive. As a hidden human he stays with SHinri and tries to help him, albeit SHinri and Kiara stop him from doing so since his health turned out to become really bad. Though Guren has no motivation, he seems to be very curious and learns fast about all things on earth. Since Yuubi is a little airhead, he mostly keeps his eyes on her. Grows very fond of Shinri, despite being mostly void of any strong emotions.

Mno - Yousei

Yousei / Ki-chan (from kirei = beautiful)

* 30.11.
- purple-lilac hair, short, wavy, red flowers weaved in between
- dark-blue eyes bedded in black, small eyes and tiny lashes
- blue facial marking
- light-green skin
- Mostly hides her wings (orange- white with pink sparkle)

- lazy and laidback
- smiles a lot, though they´re mostly fake
- loves flowers, especially carnivorous ones, except for peonies
- knows healing-magic but hides that fact
- uses wind magic, more of the supportive type
- she prefers to not get involved in anything

Yousei was born a fairy of peonies and has known love towards her for a very long time. One day, her peonies were caught on fire and she was about to die herself, when she was caught in a wind transporting her into the demon-realm. Over there, she was bitten by a carnivorous flower and infused with poison. Fighting the poison with her healing and the flower with her wind-magic, she can overwhelm the flower, but not win or kill her. SHe then decides to live in symbiosis with the flowers. The poison turns her fair skin too a light-green and makes her unable to use her wings all the time. The white of her eyes slowly turns into black, too. With her beauty, she lures demons into the flowers range so they can prey on them. In return, the flowers protect her from the acid rain and share some of their nutrients with YOusei, since she can´t feed on the demons or fruits the demon-realm bears. This way, she stays isolated but she loves the tranquility of her world. SHe just iddles her life away with no goals whatsoever. She does take proper care of her flowers, though.
Through a trial Byakuya has to clear for Fubuki´s safety, he stumbles upon Yousei who is not amused by his tresspassing her little domain. He more or less forcibly brings her along, which is not only a surprise to her. Akumaou asks for the reason why he brought her sinc ehe was supposed to present him the most beautiful flower wiht Byakuya answering that a fairy is the embodiment of a flowers beauty so there can´t be a more beautiful flower than this fairy. Unusually charmed by his words, she decides on a whim to follow him along, much to Fubuki´s dismay who recognizes her to be dangerous due to her beauty. She enjoys his jealousy and feels an attachment to Byakuya, but that fades upon meeting Kijo. Yousei realizes she can only love women but decides to hold Byakuya dear as a very important friend.
On the fateful day Yousei stays outside to help undo the traps together with Kijo and frees Kisai under the protection of Tatsu, Kishin and Hibana. Since she uses up too much of her magic, she cant follow them inside and Hibana and Tatsu stay behind to protect her.
Afterwards, she embarks on a training session with Kijo. Kijo encloses that her healing is not good enough and insists on concentrating there. Yousei admits she can heal, too. Kijo gets furious about that and thinks about killing her but then decides that it would be a great help if Yousei could use her healing. Through a promise that binds Yousei to Kijo´s death spell, she now enhances her healing magic which she uses relentlessly as soon as they embark on the mission to rescue Byakuya.

Mno - Tatsu

Tatsu / Tsu-kki

- black hair
- Orange eyes with fire symbol inside -> disappears when angry
- red skin, blue facial markings
- long, pointy ears, horns on his forehead, size-variable wings

- way older than he appears to be
- behaves childish or playful
- often accompanied by to little dragons
- gets verbally abused by other demons because he can only turn into a half-dragon
- mellancholic, likes tiny animals, feels a connection to Makaze

He was born amongst many others, but he was the only one who achieved a humanoid body. At first, his family tried to get rid of him since he was thought off as being weak and unpure but it was soon found out that he was the strongest and most adaptable one thanks to his body. Mostly the young dragons began to worship him as the chosen being. Tatsu loved his family dearly and protected them. Even when humanity charged at all the dragons for the glory or horns or whatever, he came out glorious thanks to his body. still, one day too many humans ppeared with dangerous weapons even he couldn´t do much against an d so he and the young ones were sent to the demon-realm where they were supposed to be safer then at home. He adapted easily in the new environment and continued to protect his kin.
The first he met was Kisai and they became friends relatively easily. When he was out to scout the region wiht his new friend, his home got attacked and his siblings died all but two. ENraged he brutally murders the attackers. Afterwards, he became detached from his feelings. Tatsu swore to himslef to never get attached to anyone so loosing someone won´t matter anymore to him. He refuses Kisai´s proposal of reviving those he had lost and wanders around. THe rumors of a human-demon-pair reaches his ears and he somehow feels the urge to meet them. He searched for them with the intent of killing the human, if he dared to hurt the demon. Upon finding him he is more than puzzled by their relationship. Tastu is unable to trust them and observes them form a distance for a long while and oversees how other demon join them. Even Kisai at one point. Nekomata once walks up to him and asks for his motive watching over those two and warns him that the ice-demon is getting fidgety with him observing them. He was dragged down and more or less joined the group. THere he learns to more or less enjoy himself again, even if mostly only with Kisai and HIbana.
On the fateful day, he fights the enemies on the outside, so that the others can advance further. He also protects Kisai who was trapped in a special trap laid out for him. He and Hibana get seriously wounded in the process and still they were unable to protect Byakuya and FUbuki. He takes her with him afterwards to train so they won´t loose anyone again. Suzaku later finds and joins them to make them stronger.
He joins the others to protect Byakuya in the human-realm. He knows that in the beginning it was just a rumor born by Akumaou and he´s the one realizing first that the rumor is turning into reality and warns Akumaou.

Mno - Makaze

Makaze / Ma-cchi

darkbrown hair to darkblue eyes
tiny and chipped ears (mostly covered by his hair)
normal, humanlike skintone

- controls the wind
- he surprisingly symphathizes with Byakuya very fast
- has a brotherly kind of love towards Byakuya
- a mostly down-to-earth character
-puts up a front to pretend to be a mean guy (though he mostly doesn´t care about anything at all)
- seldomly fights but if he does he packs quite the punch, without having to use his element to boot
- doesnt show what he´s capable of
- supports Yousei with his wind-magic
- feels that him and Suzaku are very similar and doesn´t really know how to interact with him
- Loves birds and fragile beings
- favorite colors are green and brown

Makaze has been thrown away soon after his birth so he doesn´t know anything about his origins. Due to the fact he´s been alone right from the beginning he had to become strong very fast. Luckily he awakened his affinity to wind magic very fast and could escape easily most of the times wihtout having to fight. He cant trust others easily, much less any demons who try to approach him without an obvious reason. He despises liars the most. He found a secluded forest and hid there most of the time where he culutered is magic and lived in harmony (in his sense) with nature. He became the deity of the forest through time because the lower animals, who had been protected by him, respected him as such. One of Akumaou´s brothers attacked his forest one day out of the blue. Enraged Makaze went berserk mode and killed him effortlessly. Akumaou came in time to see him deal the final blow. Since his forest was gone and all his little birds dead he tagged along after Akumaou on a whim.
After a while, he realized that there was a riff in the realms and went on na journey to find the cause. Soon after, the riff was closed and Makaze felt no need to investigate any further but had no urge to return to Akumaou who he knew was bored. Makaze knew fully well he couldn´t relieve his boredom being the way he is.
ALong his lazying news about a human-demon-couple reached his ears and it surprisingly piqued his interest. Still, he decided to keep his distance so to not get involved. Effortlessly, he stumbles upon them as he rests in the same onsen as them. Byakuya befriends him very easily while Fubuki wasnt watching and although Fubuki detests Makaze at the beginning, he trusts him really fast later on and trusts him with Byakuya´s safety during fights.
On that fateful day, he picks up the strangety about Fubuki and left Byakuya in the other´s care to find the culprit behind it. He actually fights Lucifer who claims to be responsable. Makaze is about to lose his senses again when he picks up a strange feeling. He then realized that Lucifer himself got partly controlled. He sends Lucifer away on a deserted island and closes up every possibility for him to reach for Byakuya, who, at the same time, was sent to his own realm. Contrary to all the others, Makaze went to a newfound forest and hid there (doing nothing as the others suspected). Actually, he used his power to control the wind to find a way to trace Re-Ankh to get his help in this case. Akumaou, who ad a hunch about his doings, went to fetch him the day before they left to the human-realm to protect their beloved Byakuya.

Mno - Kisai

- blue-darkblue hair to green-blue eyes with peacockgreen star as pupil
- fair skinned
- tiny pointy ears

- gets called Sai-kun
- a happy-go-lucky-type, he likes to play around and he never is serious (for a long time)
- can shapeshift but mostly stays in his tiny form because he gets underestimated
- mostly playing around thoughtlessly
- a genie who fullfills wishes for an equivalent price (life energy)
- has no parents or family per se - he was "born" because someone wished for him
- loves Tatsu
- always triggers Hibana
- some kind of coward

he wandered around the demon realm aimlessly, meeting Akumaou first but leaving fast because he realized that AKumaou was searching for something worthwhile, what Kisai detested more than anything. He is a fool who can´t be serious and cant help but fool around with the serious type and break them wholly.
While wandering, he met Tatsu next who Kisai came to like despite the seriousness Tatsu has towards his kin. And Kisai impressed that Tatsu didnt ask for a wish, even when it was as much as free. One day, they got attacked and they nearly lost all the dragons, except for 2 that were protected by the suddenly appearing Fubuki, who had been sent by Byakuya. Surprised, they tagged along, much for the dismay of Fubuki.
Surprisingly, Kisai came to like Byakuya way too much.In honour to his feelings for Fubuki, Kisai didnt intervene any way he could. He became an introvert fool at that time but enjoyed his time with them and the ever changing group.
On the fateful day, he was late to the scene because of traps that had been laid down especially for him. When he enters the scene it was all but too late. furious about his helplessness he wanted to destroy the perpetrator (not Fubuki because he knew he had been under a spell). Together with Kijo he seals Fubukis memories and sends Byakuya back to the human realm to gain some time. Unknown to the others he leaves a trigger in Fubuki´s memories so he can conveniently regain his memories if needed - even though that goes against Byakuya´s wish. Different to the others, he stays with Fubuki to observe him and make him reunite with the whole group while they search for the perpetrator before they enter the human-realm all together.