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Welcome to Something Impossible: Back Stage, a world for the comic Rock Band: Something Impossible! Here you can find Something Impossible sketches, pics, extra comics, and other bonuses. You can also check out the lyrics from the comic!

About Something Impossible
Zack (Lead male Vocals, tambourine)
Michka (Lead Guitar, back-up vocals, lead female vocals)
Loyal (Drums, back-up female vocals)
Dare (Bass Guitar, back-up male vocals)

Guest Members
None at the moment

Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Current Gig Location
Charlie's Pub (Boston, MA)

Something Impossible is a fictional rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts by Michka Morris, Zack Moreau, Loyal Ionel, and Dare Cromwell.

Song Lyrics
Wings (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1 Flopped Pages + Chapter 1 Previews

You can thank Hisaishi for this update.

Hey guys! This is my first time posting in this world... and it's really just going to be more of a "various planning" type post. xD; Oh well. I'm going to share with you some old pages from chapter 1 of Rock Band: Something Impossible that I didn't like and never completed. I also started working on the next two pages of the chapter this past weekend, so I'll give you what I've got so far. But first, the flopped pages:

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(Sorry if you can't read my handwriting.)
This was essentially pages 1-4 of the first chapter of RB:SI. I linked the flopped pages to the actual pages in the comic, so you can compare and contrast. I've only uploaded up to page 3 of the first chapter to my portfolio, but the current page 4 is completely different from what I originally had paneled. xD
I think it's funny to see the way Rick's acting in the 1st page. Seems a little different from his current personality, in my mind...
I nixed the "Oh, to be unemployed" line on page 2, because I realized it would actually be kind of offensive to people who are unemployed. SORRY 'BOUT THAT...
I also totally thought Michka's thought bubble of "square root of 2" was hilarious... xD; If you can't read the bubble, Dare calls her irrational, and she thinks he's talking about irrational numbers (which square root 2 is). HILARIOUS. WOW, AKIOH.

And here's the preview pages:
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This is page 4 and 5 of chapter 1. Page 4 is kind of old, but it's already inked... so I'm using it. xD
Page 5 has the first panels with necessary scenery. ;u; NOW YOU CAN MARVEL AT MY 1-POINT PERSPECTIVE SKILLS. Actually, I hate drawing 1-point perspective. And I can't even do 2 or 3-point perspective. UGH, SCENERY. But yeah, that's what I imagine Charlie's Pub to look like.

And that's that! I hope I finish these pages up, soon. I should be able to work on this comic more in the summertime, if I'm not too busy. :D