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I'm SomeGuy, 29 years old, residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I've studied English Literature, Chinese Martial Arts, and am currently pursuing careers in writing - possibly even in the anime industry itself.

And I work for this site.

And you should be watching Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.
Or watching Ranma 1/2.
Or learning about the Shinsengumi.
Or planning to visit Vancouver, The Best Place On Earth (actual marketing motto).

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Dreading Today's Drive . . .

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It's 1:20am, I've slept 90 minutes the past 40 hrs... Work in 5 hrs... Yeah, it's nap time.

See you folks in Seattle!

We Are Fairy Tail!

Heh, lookit these assholes all dressed up like weirdos:

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Good times . . .

Back from Sakura-Con

Short report 'til later (hopefully):

-Pretty decent con'. Lots of good stuff to report on.
-This was the year people cared about Uncharted cosplay. That was lovely.
-Got my ultrasaber. And it is lovely.
-The theO meetup was super small. Not too many people showed up. But it was tons of fun nonetheless.

It was a good con'.

SCon 2012: Sneak Preview...

Hey, look what I made:

Come next Sunday, April 8th, we're gonna need all you guys' support again. It's gonn' be stiff competition.

Sakura-Con 2011: Wrapping Up

Sunday at a con may be the slacker day, but damned if we weren't exhausted. And hungry. Actually, it's funny thinking back, every time someone asked for a hug from "Flynn", I remember I'd always just let all my body weight rest on her for ...

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