Welcome to my world.

I'm SomeGuy, 29 years old, residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I've studied English Literature, Chinese Martial Arts, and am currently pursuing careers in writing - possibly even in the anime industry itself.

And I work for this site.

And you should be watching Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.
Or watching Ranma 1/2.
Or learning about the Shinsengumi.
Or planning to visit Vancouver, The Best Place On Earth (actual marketing motto).

Here at the "Smallville" page, I have my personal blog where I'll post about anything and everything. If ya need me or otherwise need to know anything from/about me, here's where I'll be.

If you're really looking for my more professional, site-type stuff, you wanna head over my "Metropolis" world.

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Avatar 2012-2013 (The Breakdown)

As always, it's a curbstomp decision-making process here at this corner of the site:

#3: 64%
#2: 21%
#5: 11%
#4: 7%
#1: 0%


We have a new avatar for the year:

External Image

Just think, in four years I might actually have to re-theme my avatars. Scary, eh?

Taken With Instagram...

So I got myself a new toy . . . and with that new toy, I've taken pictures of my other new toys:

External Image

External Image

Time and again I have been told that I am notoriously easy to shop for. This is probably true. Also, the boys and girls over here may just be awesome.

(Taken with Instagram - someguy1138)

None of you should be surprised by this post . . .

Democracy in action, gettou!

I've done this for I don't even know how many years now, and this year is no different. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I need a new avatar for the following year:

At least I gave more heads up than last year, eh?

Hehhh?! There's a new remake?!

Guys! Guys! Guys! This exists:

I feel as though this is relevant to my interests . . . always fun to see new interpretations of this series!

Also reminds me, I need to make that usual post for around this time, hey? Ehh, maybe tomorrow. Gonna watch dramas tonight . . .

Great Line From a Fun Documentary . . .

"It's a pity, really, that we couldn't fight with rapiers today rather than guns. It's a pity gunpowder was invented, in my mind, because we would probably still be fighting with rapiers... and I'd be good at it!"
-Bob Anderson, world famous swordmaster, Reclaiming The Blade (2009)