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This is a world I have created for diverse purposes. I will write about my days as a SOLDIER but also various other things. My friends are invited to do the same. Don't post anything humiliating, Genesis, or I will have your head shaved...

Those being said, welcome to my world *stretches arms out*

New Account

I've moved accounts to BlackWingGeneral

I will still be keeping this account but I will have to ask you to address the new one instead.


Fussy account

Some of you might not know, but my account is going crazier by the day.

Thank you for posting in my world, and I assure you I see all of them but I can't comment on anything, so one big thank you for all, even Kas.

My inbox is also pretty defective and has been this way for a while. It keeps eating up my messages or showing me I have messages when I don't.

I'm considering making a new account...

Perfect Crime

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It's Harmony.

I'm not gonna explain it. But I will say it gave me chills. *laughs* In a good way.

<3 Kat