More News On the Broken Bone

well I went to the orthopaedic doctor today at Harbin Clinic in Rome, Ga. Well I thought the bone was gonna be set back into place, but it isnt gonna be, its broken in 3 places!!!! So for the next 3 weeks we r gonna see how it heals, and when i go bck and it isnt healed right I might have to have surgery get done on it. :/

1st broken bone

i am now a broken person. ive broken my collar bone/clavicle at the Dean family reunion while playing frisbee. 1st ever broken bone

Ask Me anything

Ask me anything

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My Poor Laptop

Some how my laptop ended up getting a worm and it infected almost everything!!
So I got a friend of mine at school to wipe my hard drive clean. And so now its gone and I have to reinstall everything yay and nay to that. haha

Happy New Year's Eve

Hey to all my friends. I hope u all have a wonderful New Years Eve.
And I have noclue wat im doing for mine haha. XD