Sorry guys for the inactivity

Wow I haven't been around for a looong time! I guess that isn't exactly abnormal for me, but this time I'm genuinely swamped with school work and other stuff that I haven't drawn anything besides a couple of doodles since end of July.

So I'm here to apologize to my pay it forward recipients: superstarpanou, thelostsindar, jessyca. I have been keeping the deadline in mind but I just haven't had time to draw. I'm really sorry, especially when I was the one who offered and tagged you guys into the challenge. And sorry bic, I still owe you an art trade and vn coloring and probably other stuff >< I still owe some free sketches from way back... All my theO friends, you guys are awesome and I hate that I'm drifting off but I love what I'm studying now too so that has to come first.

But don't worry! I've had ideas for what I wanna draw for you guys for a while now, and I'll be working on them gradually once I get settled in my new home and start time-managing better >< So don't give up on me just yet!

Hope everyone's doing great! I look forward to all your awesome artworks =D And I'll be back, hopefully soon, with stuff to show!