I used to be on theO a long time ago, as Snow Phoenix
I suddenly had the urge to check out new artworks by some familiar artists, and it's easiest to access by being a member XD
So I'm back to check out all the cool new features XD!
I'll probably take a while to get the account sorted out, but hopefully, I'll have fun here again!

dA: snowp.deviantart.com <-- all my stuff XD

Storenvy Open!

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Hiya! So I set up a Storenvy cuz I have so much leftovers from past conventions just lying there… and not really able to go to cons regularly nowadays…

I do believe there are stuff I’ve never posted online anywhere before… and half the store is on sale cuz stuff are old lol

Aaannd did I mention store-wide buy 2 get 1 free??

Please check it out!!!!

And don’t hesitate to contact me there or here if you have any questions or concerns!

Valentine's SS Wishlist

I shall be participating in SS: Be My Valentine! 2013, hosted by aragorn1014 and Ryuchu =] Thanks guys for hosting!

Below is my wishlist, listed in order of preference (in terms of the categories and the entries under each category):

1. *** Sigma (his 22-year-old self with that hilarious shirt) and Luna | from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward =D

2. Zaphikiel (the badass, not the mellow version) and Anael | Angel Sanctuary

3. Cuan and Ethlin | Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

4. Haar and Jill | Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn

5. Himuro and Heroine (older and not in school uniform) | Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1/3

Awesomeness from Mars =P
6. Shinon | Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn

7. Naesala | Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn

8. Lucifer | Angel Sanctuary

9. Mitsui Hisashi (junior high version or post-haircut) | Slam Dunk

10. M-21 | Noblesse

11. Marth and/or Ike with their beautiful SSB Brawl faces. jk please don't pick this, just draw in your own style ^^

Geez ranking these guys was difficult.

I'm sorry I haven't actually provided much variety in this list of 10. It's because I want to make sure the choices are characters that I'm most into RIGHT NOW.

Thank you Secret Santa (-ish)!!

Sorry guys for the inactivity

Wow I haven't been around for a looong time! I guess that isn't exactly abnormal for me, but this time I'm genuinely swamped with school work and other stuff that I haven't drawn anything besides a couple of doodles since end of July.

So I'm here to apologize to my pay it forward recipients: superstarpanou, thelostsindar, jessyca. I have been keeping the deadline in mind but I just haven't had time to draw. I'm really sorry, especially when I was the one who offered and tagged you guys into the challenge. And sorry bic, I still owe you an art trade and vn coloring and probably other stuff >< I still owe some free sketches from way back... All my theO friends, you guys are awesome and I hate that I'm drifting off but I love what I'm studying now too so that has to come first.

But don't worry! I've had ideas for what I wanna draw for you guys for a while now, and I'll be working on them gradually once I get settled in my new home and start time-managing better >< So don't give up on me just yet!

Hope everyone's doing great! I look forward to all your awesome artworks =D And I'll be back, hopefully soon, with stuff to show!

July SS Wishlist

Alright, December Secret Santa was so much fun, so joining this one too: link
Always nice to get gifts haha, speaking of which, all the drawings I owe, I haven't forgotten about them! They're coming! Even though I had a lot of free time last month for drawing, I spent it all preparing for Anime North ><

Ok now for the wishlist:

* Requested character not chibi-fied please ^^


1. Fire Emblem 4: Cuan and Ethlin, Lex and Aira

2. Fire Emblem 8: Joshua and Natasha, Ephraim and L'arachel

3. Legend of Korra/ AtLA: Mako and Korra, Tenzin and Lin (younger days if you prefer), Zuko and Toph

4. Baccano: Vino and Chane

5. Chihayafuru: Chihaya and Arata

6. Nameless ocs: pair 1, or pair 2

-One character from any of the following, categorized by series:

1. Fate/Zero: Gilgamesh > Kirisugu

2. Kuroko no Basuke: Kise

3. Legend of Korra: lol anyone (except Amon, Hiroshi...)

4. Chihayafuru: Arata

5. Sket Dance: Switch

6. Ace Attorney: Edgeworth

7. Radiant Historia: Stocke

8. Baccano: Vino > Firo

9. Young Justice: Dick Grayson as Robin or Nightwing or normal clothes

I know some of the stuff are kinda obscure, but hopefully there's something familiar. Thank you secret santa!!!

Sketch requests

The sketch request dumps that superstarpanou and 15385bic has been doing got me interested, so here I am joining in XD

Request away!! I'll only put a cap on the number if there's actually demand.

1. angluvdeath
2. 15385bic
3. aragorn1014
4. Narie920
5. thelostsindar
6. cricket20

P.S. Korra episode 3!!!!