Name: Sneari
Nicknames: none
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 21st july
Pokemon: Weavile
National #:461
Title: Sharp claw pokemon
Nature: Quiet
Held Items: Soothe bell
Ability: Pressure, hidden ability Pick Pocket
Attacks: Icy wind, Night Slash, Ice punch, Dark pulse, Ice beam, Ice shard
Weak Against: Fighting type
Height: 5''7
Weight: 8 stone
Hair Color: Dark grey
Hair Length: Just below the jawline
Eye Color: Pink/Red
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Petite and wiry
Markings/Scars: Scar over right eye and one across her nose, small yellow gem hidden under her fringe slightly
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Appearance: Pale, Short grey hair that is shorter at the back than at the front, scar over right eye. Two pink feathers sticking out from where her ears should be, golden amulet on her forehead, metal "gloves" on her hands (not removable), thicker eyelashes than from before she evolved
Autumn/Winter: Elbow length grey/purple sleeved jumper with a red bandana, knee length shorts blue/grey and calf high boots red/pink
Spring/summer: Grey/Purple bodice with a billowing t-shirt (off the shoulder) tucked in, Grey/Blue short shorts and calf high boots, Red bandana.
Clothes from Siula: Red jumper that she finds herself wearing frequently.
Sleepwear: Nothing fancy, pink and modest
Personality: She can be introverted, but gets attached to people easily, sometimes finds herself thinking about her past, she's quiet, but open at the same time, but wont always say what she's thinking, and wont reveal her deepest darkest secrets to anyone unless she knows them properly. Often answers things in a round-about way
Orientation: Straight
Rival: None
Family: Mother, brother
Hometown: Mount coronet
Likes: Ice skating, Milkshakes, beaches, Sunshine, Art, Stargazing, Wilderness
Dislikes: People thinking she's crazy, people saying she can't cook, fire, blood, violence, anger
Fears: Spiders and blood
Strengths: Calm headed and observant
Weaknesses: Spiders, blood, strangers, talking about her past
Favorite Food: Chocolate glazed donuts
Drink: Mango smoothie
Color: Venetian red
Tree: Mulberry
Season: Winter
Activity: Ice skating
Sneari was born in a sneasel and weavile village in mount coronet and lived with her mother and big brother both of whom where weavile, in one of the tunnels and with the villagers, her father had died shortly before she had been born.

In winter her big brother would take her down the mountain and to the snowy lake behind it and would ice skate with her.

Her big brother was also the one who gave her the scar over her right eye by accident when she fell from a cliff, but she was alright afterwards and idolised her big brother The other villagers would treat sneari differently as she wasn’t as outgoing as the other sneasel her age and many said that one day she would snap and kill her family.
In her village all sneasel and weavile are betrothed at birth, and she was betrothed to a sneasel named siula (pronounce see-ooh-lah) and was given a soothe bell by him as a gift on her birthday.

When all sneasel turn fifteen in her village they must perform a ritual in which they must kill an elderly weavile or sneasel, but when it was her turn she refused to and fled back to her home and by doing so, she wouldn't recieve a razor claw in which she would be able to evolve, should she want to. as she returned home she saw blood on the floor and followed it where she found her big brother covered in blood and talking to her mother about a Pokémon he’d killed, as she waited outside. While listening to their conversation she discovered that her big brother was a paid assassin and killed numerous pokemon, including sneari's father.

She then pounced into the room where he was and scratched his eyes, face and slashed at his chest before dashing into her own room and threw her spring, autumn and winter clothes into a bag, along with a soothe bell she had been gifted by siula, then sprinted into the main village sector.
The villagers who saw her were not shocked as they had guessed she would snap so they knew this would happen eventually as she had been so introverted and quiet as a child and most sneasel and weavile were murderous and often attacked each other. As she left, she ran past siula, who saw her covered in blood and was shocked because he felt like he knew her best, tearfully she began running down the mountain until she lost her bearings and carried on running.

After she ran as far as she could, she collapsed outside snow point city and was taken home by a young girl named Rosa who nursed her back to health and taught her how to cook, but not very well.

The little girl had a bad sense of taste so always told sneari that she could cook well, so now sneari likes to make strange flavoured smoothies which only she seems to like to drink. The little girl had a growlithe named Flamme which sneari was fond of, but sneari left the little girl in order to travel the world, and this led her to the mansion.

She came to the mansion during a festival where she befriended moyasu, damaris and maria and moved in, befriending kiiro and others.