The closure

He looked at his watch. Only thirty more minutes before the doors would close, never to be opened again. How did it come to this? What happened to our world… when was it that art became irrelevant, when was it thrown overboard, made redundant… Why did people lose their interest?
‘well, no time for sulking now, I’d better enjoy the time given to me’ he thought to himself, as he continued his way through the museum. He stopped in front of a beautiful statue. The marble was as white as a skin never touched by the sun, the expression on her face was touchingly beautiful. As the sun crept over the mountains far away, the last glares of light fell on her face. The translucent leaves slowly darkened as the sun left the building. She looked so scared and fragile… What was to become of her? She had been on this exact same spot for more than four hundred years, where would they take her? What would they do to her?
Such a shame on human culture…
He turned around and looked at another statue. Three characters were depicted in a struggle. Tears running from the woman’s cheeks, an old man’s aggression and lust… She was trying to fight him off, but he wouldn’t let her go. The dog at his feet looked at the spectacle. His fur was rough, yet the marble was so soft… Where are the times in which men could actually produce these kinds of art? When did it change…
He walked to the next room. There she was, the girl he had been in love with for so long. He slowly approached her, she did not seem to notice him. She was lying on a bed, half naked. He expected her to start talking any moment now, but she would not move. Her stone lips were sealed. He would especially miss her, the girl he never had.
In the distance the tower bell rang, and he knew it was time for him to leave…

This is my entry for the challenge 'art in a form' by simplebeast231. Somehow TheO decided to cut out the fan word category (SERIOUSLY WHY?!), and that's why this challenge was hosted, to let theO know that WE WANT IT BACK!
This story is about Villa Borghese. It's a fiction story of someone who has the honour of being in it before it gets closed (it won't for real, though :P). I have been there once and it was one of the most impressive experiences of my life.
The statues referred to are respectively; Apollo and Daphne, Pluto and Proserpina and Pauline Bonaparte.

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