Welcome to my NEW World.

Since I'm a fellow user of MikuMikuDance, I thought I'd share some of my photos and animations that I made here as well. ^_^

On a note, let me tell you that I've also made several of my own models already by [LEGALLY] improvising/recoloring/reediting from the original well known models you've seen.

And with that being said, here's a list of the models I have made:

Selfy Models

  • Smartanimegirl Selfy - ME~
  • DarkFallenBlade Selfy - DarkFallenBlade
  • LunarisPrince Selfy - LunarisPrince (DeviantArt)

    Border of Death - My own animation series

  • MAIN: Nadeshiko Masayume, Ike Katayama, Kaine Skylar, Austin Calloway, Erin Donovan, Chloe Malone, Michael Roy
  • MINOR: Zanade Masayume, Zaike Katayama (more but not spoiling)

    Black Rock Shooter: Fated Children - A BRS fanfic/manga I'm writing

  • Black Imaginary Angel - Smartanimegirl
  • Black Platinum Attacker - DarkFallenBlade
  • Black Lunar Illusionary - LunarisPrince (DeviantArt)

    Black Rose

  • Princess Mia Hoa Long
  • Prince Elliot Krad

    Join me on my YouTube and watch more of my animations? ^_^

    Self Models - DarkFallenBlade & Smartanimegirl
    Picture provided by DarkFallenBlade

  • New Year's "Shake It"

    Just welcoming the New Year with a bang~

    Halloween Special

    A video for Halloween 2013~ :D


    If you guys know the anime "Another", it's basically the opening from that.

    Dancing Dragons ~ FREYJA.sys

    What was really a test of the
    red and purple cloth/fabric turned into something render-worthy...

    [MMD] Chaos Marionette

    Life of a human being can be like a marionette, huh?

    Sleep Hazard (RWBY Parody)

    The girls of my fanmade story "Black Rock Shooter: Fated Children" are having trouble sleeping...