Entrance Exams & Friendships

Hey All,

I figured I should post this now before I get too hard into studying :P I won't be putting up any artwork til about mid-February, since all my drawing time has been converted to study time :( I applied to college (again) in the hopes of doing a career switch. My University degree isn't worth much sadly since science funding has been cut so bad in Canada jobs are hard to come by; I also realized I don't really like research lol So I applied to a Radiation Medicine program and a Veterinary Technician program. I'm alot more fond of actually working with people or animals, and diagnostic imagine can be interesting an fun. Sadly these programs are highly competitive, so there's an entrance exam to thin the application crowd. It's mostly high school science and reading comprehension, but I was terrible at Physics so that's been a large focus!

I mentioned this in one of my drawing back in October, but the mother of the girl I was seeing lost a battle with cancer on October 14th of 2015. She took it really hard, and was left confused, anxious and kinda lost. She didn't think it was fair to either of us to keep going since she no longer knew what she wanted, so that was it sadly. She had a bit of a drinking problem after that too, but as of January she's been sober thankfully. I had gone through therapy for my sleep disorder, so I was able to coach her through it, and her friends stopped going to bars and having drinking parties; instead they stayed in and played board games, and even went bowling one night :P I'm happy to say we're still friends, and once she's moved into her new condo we might have a drawing party! She started doodling herself, says it helps with her anxiety, so I'm happy I had a bit of an influence in stress relief on her with my artwork :P

I recently started meeting new people, and even went on a few dates too! Sadly nothing has come of it yet, I've met some kinda crazy clingy girls, and some who say one thing but mean another. I'm just gonna stick to studying, working and drawing for now I guess :P