Hazel Eyes and Mocha Dogs

Hey All!

Figured I should post an update since my last one was a little depressing! Well, this will start off depressing but lightens up, I assure you!

Firstly, the college I was attending was shut down by the Canadian government on February 19th; it was owned by Corinthian colleges in the states, but they were caught with fraud, owed the US government alot of money, and so Canada wanted nothing to do with them. The problem is the Ministry of Education just shut them down on a whim, with no plan in place to train out the now schooless students! Still waiting to here where I'll be able to finish my program... Work has fallen apart too; my manager is the incarnation of laziness, so I started calling him out on it to try and improve my work environment since he fired the last person keeping him in check (which happened to be my former art critic). That got my hours slashed to 6 hours a week, with a giant steaming pile of bulllshit as the reason. I thought about taking him to the labour board, but the complaints department at head office defends him, and he's an excellent liar/ass-puller. Then I realized being the manager at a retail store with a company that doesn't care about their staff being a much crueler fate, I moved on lol.

I'm currently in the process of being hired elsewhere, so it's all good! I also decided to try online dating with the spare time I now have; it was rough at first, with girls not wanting to talk to you when they find out their taller than you, or just straight up crazy people. I finally lucked out with a little hazel-eyed blonde, whom was featured in my "Small Town in the Big City" submission last week. She's super busy so we don't see each other much, but cell phones/skype/internet help a bit. We check in on each other every day, and so far she's been really sweet and cheerful, and always has an idea for a drawing when I get artist's block lol. My parents don't really like the fact that she has several tattoos and a lip piercing, but they've always been SUPER judgmental and kinda like to judge books by their covers... They haven't even met her yet which makes it all the more terrible! Each of her tattoos has an interesting story behind them, which I find endearing and awesome lol.

The parent's also picked up a Vizsla puppy last Saturday, so my hands have been full ever since! So far she's been good, she loves to sit in my lap when she chews her toys :P She tried to get a hold of my phone the other day, so I try and text people when she's napping now lol. So, despite having nothing but bad luck at school and at work, at least my personal life has gotten better in exchange!