And Just Like That

Hey All,

Been awhile since my last update, so here goes. I'm now in full swing at college; we've done most of the academic review, and now we're mostly in the lab doing the practical stuff. I'm in Hematology now, doing blood analyses and learning to draw blood from real people's arms. Luckily everyone has (more or less) steady hands, so we haven't been bruising too badly lol. The worst thing right now is capillary punctures, which is poking the end of our fingers like diabetics to do certain tests and stains for examination under a microscope.

And now for the more depressing part of the post, and the reason for the title. I had pretty much given up on that girl I had been persuing since the summer, but we were still friends and she was critiquing my works up until now. Hadn't seen her in a couple weeks, and decided to text her to see how she was doing. She'd been ignoring my texts since new year's, but would be normal around me when we worked. Finally confronted her about it today, and was shocked to learn that just like that, she wasn't interested in being friends, that I should only talk to her at work, and that I'd pretty much lost my critic. I am at a loss for words at how random and kinda sudden it was, because we got along just fine up until Christmas. Dave is confused lol.