Hey All, my real name is Dave, and I originally joined theO as a wallpaper maker, but now I've been more focused on fan art and improving my work. I've been a member for about 10 years now, including various name changes lol.

As for my anime tastes, I'm a huge fan of sci-fi, action/shounen, and mecha. My first ever complete manga series was Love Hina, which I still rank as my favorite, and its also what pushed me to draw more. Akamatsu-sensei's Negima is also highly ranked on my list and also acts as a source of inspiration (although I prefer his style from Volumes 13 & 14 of Love Hina a little more lol).

Currently, I'm reading Bleach and UQ Holder!. I haven't been following much anime that's been airing lately since most of it is seemingly loli fanservice-type shows. I try and follow any Gundam series that I can, and I was actually impressed with the Build Fighters series; it focuses more on camaraderies and rivalries that are surprisingly well written. It's pretty childish, but I get a kick out of all the easter eggs hidden within it. I also own a variety of Miyazaki's movies due to their charm and underlying messages about our world and the environment.

I also game a little bit when I'm not drawing or at work/school; I mainly play RPGs and fighters, but I have dabbled into 3rd person shooters (Vanquish, Crysis series), some action adventure games, and racing (Gran Turismo 5). I also enjoy RTSs, but I pretty much only play Starcraft II on and off.

As for school/employment, I am currently employed with the electronics retailer The Source up in Canada, and I'm attending college to become a Medical Lab Technician. I'll be done around October 2015, then I can work in any diagnostic lab/hospital to help diagnose diseases!



Sorry for the Double-No-Post

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted something for the past two weeks. Two weeks ago I came back from home from the long weekend, and didn't really feel like sitting down after being in a train for 6 hours:P This week I was actually busy designing a logo for my aunt's to-be cleaning company, and cleaning up a logo for my dad's to-be manufactured stone company. Seems like everyone in my family wants to start their own small business. I might get something out before the week's end; I'm working on Zack's profile right now. Just thought I'd post this to show I'm still alive, lol.

Another Double Feature

Wow, not having school to worry about for four months really gives one alot of spare time, and therefore drawing time :P This weeks feature concentrates on two side-ish characters, Rika and Ryo. Both part of Ken's group, they'll be popping up alot in the story.

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eye/Hair Colour: Brown/Blonde
Favorite Colour: Red
Birthdate: April 5
Blood Type: O+
Likes: Women, Beaches, Gyms, Drafting/Architecture
Dislikes: Meatheads (Jocks), Small Spaces, Cheap Lacrosse sticks

Ryo is the lech of the group, and there hasn't been a girl within age he hasn't hit on at the high school. He often gets the living hell beat outta him because of this quirk, yet keeps doing it anyway. Ryo hits the gym everyday, and is pretty much one of the most jacked 17 year-olds you ever saw. Part of the school Lacrosse team, and captain at that. He'll usually join Ken in their mutual misery of unluckiness around women, but unlike Ken its his own fault. He aims to go architecture for post secondary.


Age: 17
Gender: Female
Eye/Hair Colour: Blue/Blonde
Favorite Colour: Purple
Birthdate: November 11th
Blood Type: A-
Likes: Fashion, clothes, shoes, cloth/material, her tablet PC
Dislikes: Meatheads (Jocks), Ryo hitting on other girls
FEATURE: Sports the largest bust size of the group

Daughter of the CEO of some company (will have something to do with the story), Rika is the richest girl of the group, and incedentally the entire town. Her hobby is fashion design, and is often seen doodling away on her tablet PC whenever she gets a new idea (during classes included). She often falls into an inexplicable rage when Ryo hits on other girls around her, and is the source of said abuse of Ryo above. Rika is also the mischievious member of teh group, and often gets Ken into unfavourable situations with some of the girls at school. Her post-secondary aim is to get into the top fashion school in the country.

More Character Bios!?

LOL, so today you get not one, but TWO character bios since I'm feeling extra-specially-generous(jk :P). Anyway, the bios included today's feature are those of the main characters, Ken and Naomi. I probably should have done them first, but ah well.


Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eye/Hair Colour: Green/Dirty Blonde
Favorite Colour: GREEN
Birthdate: August 23
Blood Type: B+
Likes: Weapons, slight violence, maple sauce, Silver, straight-haired brunettes
Dislikes: Shrimp, short winters
FEARS: His mother in rage mode

The main character, pretty much a run-of-the-mill goofy high school student and potential heir to their family's martial arts school and the ground it stands on. An avid kendo/kali and jiu jitsu practitioner, this training has seemingly made him indestructible to the daily abuse he recieves from his "friends", particularily Rika for screwing him over with women and Zack by being his guinea pig for experimental mobile suits. Despite the daily head trauma, he's actually got decent enough grades to get him into post-secondary, and he's aiming for some medical related field. NOTE: Ken is the only character with a "FEARS" section.


Age: 16
Gender: Female
Eye/Hair Colour: Hazel/Chatin (essentially a brunette)
Favorite Colour: Aqua
Birthdate: December 23
Blood Type: AB+
Likes: Caramel+Chocolate, silver, dogs, pianos, granite counter-tops+cooking
Dislikes: Pushy guys, death-metal (music), excessive rain

The new girl in town (still haven't decied what "this" town is yet, LOL), Naomi is the other main character. She's a shy girl, doesn't really know anyone at the high school, and is a little introverted/quiet. She meets Ken for the first time on the first day of school after lunch, who saves her from your typical meat-heads who would go better with the ditzy, well-endowed blonde types. A pretty good cook in her new granite counter-topped fortress of a kitchen, she'll often bring desserts for the group. She is also a talented pianist. Probably the smartest one of the entire party, she hopes to hit med-school after post secondary. NOTE: The reason why her hair is different than when I usually draw her is that she will appear much different and way shy-er; she's also suppost to have glasses and look a little nerdy, but I'll work on that later.

Anyway, hope that'll tide some of you over since I know I've been talking about this for years, but haven't actually got all of my ideas together yet, lol.

Working Again

Hi All

Sorry if I seem to have been dead for the past little while, I was on vacation at home, and now I'm moved back into Burlington for another round of work. Just basic paperwork and reading lab protocols for now. I have also found myself distracted by the Starcraft II Beta as well, but hopefully I'll get some stuff out soon. I didn't have room for my scanner at my new place since I'm living in a town home, and we're a bit lacking in desk space with the two cats and dog roaming around. So, pretty much anything I submit will be digital for the next four months, so hopefully that'll be incentive to get better with my tablet, since I'm not terrible with it right now.

Anyway, that was just a post to let you all know I'm alive and well, lol. See ya around!

The Little Sister

Age: 16
Likes: Fluffy things, quiet fields, Ryu
Dislikes: Spicy food, rainy days
Hobbies: Martial Arts (Spear, Jiu Jitsu), singing

As (I think) I've mentioned before, Luna is Ken's little sister, one year his junior. She's a little ball of energy, and never seems to get tired unless its raining outside (SADD anyone?). Like the rest of the family, she trains at the house dojo under her parents; but she also has some musical talent, particularily in singing. She loves to perform in school talent shows, coffee houses, and at family gatherings with her father who plays the guitar. She is commonly found with Ryu, the family pet; her love of Ryu and other animals in the neighbourhood have got her leaning toward veterinary school.

She also loves to pick on her big brother, and can often be seen plotting against him with Rika to add to the daily misery Rika enjoys putting him in. Luna is also a childhood friend of Anya, the siblings' neighbour since birth.

Anywho, I might add to that later, but for now its more info than I've ever offered...I think.