Hey All, my real name is Dave, and I originally joined theO as a wallpaper maker, but now I've been more focused on fan art and improving my work. I've been a member for about 10 years now, including various name changes lol.

As for my anime tastes, I'm a huge fan of sci-fi, action/shounen, and mecha. My first ever complete manga series was Love Hina, which I still rank as my favorite, and its also what pushed me to draw more. Akamatsu-sensei's Negima is also highly ranked on my list and also acts as a source of inspiration (although I prefer his style from Volumes 13 & 14 of Love Hina a little more lol).

Currently, I'm reading Bleach and UQ Holder!. I haven't been following much anime that's been airing lately since most of it is seemingly loli fanservice-type shows. I try and follow any Gundam series that I can, and I was actually impressed with the Build Fighters series; it focuses more on camaraderies and rivalries that are surprisingly well written. It's pretty childish, but I get a kick out of all the easter eggs hidden within it. I also own a variety of Miyazaki's movies due to their charm and underlying messages about our world and the environment.

I also game a little bit when I'm not drawing or at work/school; I mainly play RPGs and fighters, but I have dabbled into 3rd person shooters (Vanquish, Crysis series), some action adventure games, and racing (Gran Turismo 5). I also enjoy RTSs, but I pretty much only play Starcraft II on and off.

As for school/employment, I am currently employed with the electronics retailer The Source up in Canada, and I'm attending college to become a Medical Lab Technician. I'll be done around October 2015, then I can work in any diagnostic lab/hospital to help diagnose diseases!



Aha, Forgot to Mention No Submission This Week

Ahaha, my bad :P I had a comission to do over the weekend, and it wound up taking up my entire Saturday morning, so I may or may not have anything up before Sunday. Been a little too distracted watching movies, of which include the Rebuild of Evangelion (still waiting on simultaneous release of parts 3 & 4) and Summer Wars, which was surprisingly good. Although it REALLY reminded of the premise of the first Digimon movie with the whole digital world of OZ and whatnot, at least what was hapenning in the real world was entirely different.

Now, here's some random news. I spoke with Kastom over teh holidays, and he read somewhere that Namco-Bandai would stop releasing Tales games over on this side of the world, which was annoying. Turns out this was due to financial problems as aI found out yesterday, but they are finally over this now. But what's more odd/annoying is that the next Tales game to be localized is Tales of Graces F (PS3), which is a sequel to the original Graces (Wii), BUT was NEVER released in North America; so, we get a random sequel with little hope of ever seeing the original...I kinda question this choice on Namco's part, but ah well. It was rumored that the Vesperia port to PS3 would get localized a well, and I'm still waiting for that announcement since the prequel movie got me all excited, and I don't want to fork over 300$ for a 360 and ONE game. Anyway, that's my rant for the week lol.

EDIT: Turns out Tales of Graces F is the full original game, plus an after story that is 75% as long as the original, so this is actually a good move on Namco's part, and quite a bang for your buck lol.

Back for the New Year

Hey All

Hope you all had an enjoyable holiday! I did, sort of; when I wasn't sick or assembling IKEA furniture, I was stuffing my face, visiting people/family, and smothering my dog lol. Now I hope to be back in the submission game, although the schedule might change a bit. I often go home to the family on weekends now that I live close to them for a change, and rarely have the time to draw whilst I'm there. So I usually start something Sunday night and try and finish up Monday/Tuesday. Until I get my afterwork activities settled, this may change again, but for now that's how it stands.

Anyway, I now work at the Ottawa General Hospital looking at cancer (more of the lung than anything else) and neurodegenerative diseases (Huntington's and Dimensia it looks like), which can be related by the protein I'll be studying for the next 8 months; the twist it it's not like any other protein I've ever seen, and convential analysis won't work on it, so we gotsta improvise LOL. So it should be interesting and challenging, and may wound up in another publication for me too!

Now, on the anime side of things, I got my hands on the Haruhi movie and Gundam 00 movies, both on blu-ray, and they look amazing! The Dissapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is so ridiculously well animated its crazy, and the story kept me in suspense and did a very good job at keeping us confused just as much as Kyon is in the film. I plan on getting the english version if/when it comes out, since Crispen Freeman as Kyon is just too good to pass up, and adds that much hilarity to the mix. Contrary to most critics, I actually enjoyed A wakening of teh Trailblazer (Gundam 00), since it did a decent job at explaining a few holes in the plot and why the alien were out to get people on Earth. It was also well animated, but not nearly as much as Haruhi, but noticeably better from the TV anime. The soundtrack was also great, and the battle scenes are done in true 00 fashion. The epilogue, however, seemed more like an afterthought as it shows pretty much NOTHING about the rest of the crew except Setsuna, and the line "To cut a path to the future" was used WAY too much, but ah well, I've watched it twice in three days (and want to watch it again lol), so I hope that says something; it really brought out what I liked about the series, telepathic particles aside:P

Video games-wise, I play occasional SCII, but I have been HOOKED on Dissidia: Final Fantasy a full year after I bought it lol; maybe news of a sequel re-sparked my interest in the game?

This Term's Exam Period Is SOOOOOO Dragged Out

Hello Again

Sadly I do not come with a submission this week; I had some free time due to study break and this insanely relaxed exam period; I haven't written a final since last Thursday, which is unheard of for a biochemist since I usually write exams every 2 days during finals lol. But this will serve me well when I have to study for my Organic Synthesis exam that's next Monday, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much lol.

But some good stuff happened during my extended study break; I now have an apartment to call home when I start working at the hospital come January; its a one bedroom apartment with a decent kitchen and living room, a balcony, and enough space for all of my manga+textbooks I'll need for the MCAT lol. I have bought sooo much manga in the last 6 months its unreal, even bought an irewards card just so I could get rebates I have also found the Haruhi manga, so I'll give those a read since the anime is going at a snail's pace (although they do it right with decent animation, so I cannot complain); haven't read the 2 volumes I bought yet, I'm afraid introductory sociology+Haruhi would not be a good mix, lol.

I think I've been going out to dinner too much with all this free time too. Went out twice (maybe three times) since last Thursday; one outing was after our back to back exams to the bar to have a few beers and WINGS The other was with friends I don't have class with, so I don't see them often...Went for vietnamese food (they know how to make some mean pork), which was only my second attempt at this type of food, followed by bubble tea (a tradition with this group:P).

And things seem to be back to normal with that friend of mine. She actually initiated face-to-face conversation at the bar, but I wasn't sure if it was just the beer talking; turns out it wasn't, as we spoke again today, again with her starting the convo. So I'm happy things are back to normal, but still kinda confused. Ah well, all's well that ends well I guess; now, onward to studying, then maybe a movie or some SCII?

P.S. KASTOM, if you is readin' this, come up wit a topic for da tag-team article. It been far too long and der is much shananigans to be had whislt writin' one.

EXAMS Are Heeeere!

Well, finals start Thursday at 4PM, so that means no time for drawing until I'm done, which isn't til the 22nd...So hence the no-submission again last weekend. I have a double whammy on my first day too; 2 back-to-back 2.5 hour exams, with an hour in between them so I can eat dinner:P SO I'll probably back to my usual Sunday submission schedule sometime during the holidays or after New Years, depends how busy I am with the family/new job as a research assistant. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

P.S. Well, I was able to speak with that girl I mentioned a couple weeks back, albeit only on MSN; ah well, I guess its step one of removal of akwardness lol.

Crummy Luck with Women=Cognition Failure lol

Hey Everyone!

Again, sorry for posting my latest work two days late even though I had it ready on Sunday anyway. The past couple of weeks have been somewhat mind numbing with the finishing off of midterms, a birthday party with the worst alcoholic beverage EVER: the Porch Crawler. A week I was shot down, which I guess is kinda what the title of this post involves and none of the other things... Allow me to elaborate:P

Finished my last midterm today, and now I also have all my marks. Yeah, I usually fall in the low 80's to high 70's for marks, but my first few midterms were in the 60's even though I thought I aced them; now that's a blow to the ego/confidence. Turns out my profs are just pickier than usual this term, so I'll have to look out for that come Finals But my last 2 midterms/tests were in the high 80's/90's, so I guess that makes up (sorta) for the initial wave of crappiness lol. Now please don't hate on me for criticizing my own marks (most are just happy with passing, and I respect that), but when you're aiming for med school you kinda need ridiculous marks and a great volunteer track record, but of which I'm currently working on lol.

This past weekend it was a friend of mine's birthday, and what do university students do to celebrate? Why drink of course (I'm not a fan of getting comlpletely wasted myself, but the games can be entertaining:P), although this involved a drink I had never had before, the Porch Crawler. That concoction consists of far too much Vodka to be any good, rum, gin, 48 beers, energy drinks, lemonade, and assorted fruit beverages; it tasted like candy, but the mix of things makes for an unhappy stomach later on/the next morning. Wow did I ever regret consuming that since I did not have an appetite the next day until dinner time. We also stayed up far too late playing Mario Tennis 64/Smash Bros. 64; being the only sober one I managed to win at SB64 even though I'm terrible at it lol. Then we played the Zombie mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops, had pizza, and went to bed at 5AM, only to be woken up at 7:30 by the drunks that passed out earlier and were stomping around the house looking for their keys. Walked home and got back by 9:30AM where I wanted to study for my last midterm, but wound up napping til noon; after that nap I was good for the rest of the day lol.

Now, what the title of this post actually points to; I had mentioned I was thinking of going after someone in my last post, however that attempt was unsuccessful. About a week ago I asked her out, knowing we were both horribly busy that weekend, but I figured I may as well ask anyway; the answer was no as I had thought. We walked for a bit then went our separate ways home, but then we didn't really speak face to face for over a week...I was kinda getting the feeling she was avoiding me since we didn't chit chat at our usual times between classes, and she stopped sitting with me in our only class together. I finally talked to her yesterday, only to be kinda shunned out of any conversation that got started. So, it looks like nothing will come out of this, but I want to try and mend the situation so we can go back to being friends. This was really psychology annoying and bothered me beccause this seems to happen with every girl I try to go after, and being avoided/given the run around 3 times in the same year kinda takes its toll on one's sanity. So yeah, that's kinda of another reason for the delayed submission since I've been driving myself insane over what to do with this situation. I think this is the first time I take a somewhat serious tone in a post and divulge so much information of what's going on in my life, lol. Anyway, I'll probably have an update on wether or not I was able to repair the situation, and hopefully more submissions on time for this coming Sunday.

Inphinity (aka Dave if I never mentioned my real name:P)