Hey All, my real name is Dave, and I originally joined theO as a wallpaper maker, but now I've been more focused on fan art and improving my work. I've been a member for about 10 years now, including various name changes lol.

As for my anime tastes, I'm a huge fan of sci-fi, action/shounen, and mecha. My first ever complete manga series was Love Hina, which I still rank as my favorite, and its also what pushed me to draw more. Akamatsu-sensei's Negima is also highly ranked on my list and also acts as a source of inspiration (although I prefer his style from Volumes 13 & 14 of Love Hina a little more lol).

Currently, I'm reading Bleach and UQ Holder!. I haven't been following much anime that's been airing lately since most of it is seemingly loli fanservice-type shows. I try and follow any Gundam series that I can, and I was actually impressed with the Build Fighters series; it focuses more on camaraderies and rivalries that are surprisingly well written. It's pretty childish, but I get a kick out of all the easter eggs hidden within it. I also own a variety of Miyazaki's movies due to their charm and underlying messages about our world and the environment.

I also game a little bit when I'm not drawing or at work/school; I mainly play RPGs and fighters, but I have dabbled into 3rd person shooters (Vanquish, Crysis series), some action adventure games, and racing (Gran Turismo 5). I also enjoy RTSs, but I pretty much only play Starcraft II on and off.

As for school/employment, I am currently employed with the electronics retailer The Source up in Canada, and I'm attending college to become a Medical Lab Technician. I'll be done around October 2015, then I can work in any diagnostic lab/hospital to help diagnose diseases!



Status Update+Temporary Hiatus

Well, I've been kinda dead the past week or two, and this is because I'm in my two week exam period! YAAAY! *sarcasm* So just to let you all know, I probably won't be around at all in the next couple weeks because I get a two week vacation after exams, and I think my Jiu Jitsu instructor is gonna kick my ass for the two weeks that I'm home, lol. But I'm back on COOP starting August 31st, so I'll probably be back around by then. Toodles for now!

The Gundam that Got Me Into Gundam

Well, I think I mentioned I bought 2 models on the trip last week, and I just finished the other one during a study break; its the Wing Zero Custom from the Gundam Wing OVA Endless Waltz. This happens to be one of the first Gundams I ever saw, and kinda what got me started on the series. Here's a pic to enjoy:

Looky What I Bought

So, I don't know if Kastom posted this, be he, Felxie, her boyfriend, and I went and took a trip to Pacific Mall as a get together. Lots of candy/pocky was bought, but on top of that we found a shop called "Gundam Base", with pretty much every Gundam model that has come out in the past five years on its shelves, with all kinds of qualities. So I bought two models; the Master Grade Freedom Gundam, and the Master Grade Wing Zero Custom. Freedom took me 7-ish hours to build, and Zero is still in its box until I have the time to put it together. Zero actually kinda has a funny story behind it because while waiting for our bus back home, I had it out in the open, and attracted the attention of two people, and we got talking; that killed the 30min wait for the bus, it was mildly entertaining. Here's some pics of Freedom:

I Finished Death Note, and Now I'm "Meh"

Well, I decided to watch Death Note in my spare time; its not really my find of series, but I figured I should watch it before judging. It was interesting at first, Light's plotting was entertaining, but it seemed to get less clever after L died. After that point, Light was more or less invincible, so I get he didn't really have to be that clever. I dunno, I guess, to me, the show kinda lost its spark. Well, that's my rant for now

P.S. Sorry for not submitting fanart for the past 2 weeks, kinda was busy, and I wasn't in much of a drawing mood with the time I had. I did, however, get something done, but it wasn't enough to fill the page; I do have Wednesday off (CANADA DAY, FIREWORKS), so I might get something done there.

Subject Matter Change

Well, I just noticed that I just posted three non-Gundam 00 walls in a row; all of them happen to be Negima walls actually. Looks like that will be my main subject matter for now, as the manga seems to have grown on me so much I went internet mining for some high quality pics. I also seemed to have been in a drawing mood today since I posted two pieces of fanart, lol. Hopefully all my Sundays will be this productive. On a sidenote, I was webcamming with my parents today and I sent them the "Rika Tweaks" pic. The first thing that came outta my dad's mouth was "nice boobs!", and my mom said "yeah, you've got that cleavage down pat." lol, a friend of mine once told me "you seem to know the anatomy of the female body very well", seems to have come true again, huh? Either Ken Akamatsu is really starting to rub off on me (which would make sense condiering all I've been reading is Negima for the past month-and-a-half), or I've just been looking at the scenery too much