Hey All, my real name is Dave, and I originally joined theO as a wallpaper maker, but now I've been more focused on fan art and improving my work. I've been a member for about 10 years now, including various name changes lol.

As for my anime tastes, I'm a huge fan of sci-fi, action/shounen, and mecha. My first ever complete manga series was Love Hina, which I still rank as my favorite, and its also what pushed me to draw more. Akamatsu-sensei's Negima is also highly ranked on my list and also acts as a source of inspiration (although I prefer his style from Volumes 13 & 14 of Love Hina a little more lol).

Currently, I'm reading Bleach and UQ Holder!. I haven't been following much anime that's been airing lately since most of it is seemingly loli fanservice-type shows. I try and follow any Gundam series that I can, and I was actually impressed with the Build Fighters series; it focuses more on camaraderies and rivalries that are surprisingly well written. It's pretty childish, but I get a kick out of all the easter eggs hidden within it. I also own a variety of Miyazaki's movies due to their charm and underlying messages about our world and the environment.

I also game a little bit when I'm not drawing or at work/school; I mainly play RPGs and fighters, but I have dabbled into 3rd person shooters (Vanquish, Crysis series), some action adventure games, and racing (Gran Turismo 5). I also enjoy RTSs, but I pretty much only play Starcraft II on and off.

As for school/employment, I am currently employed with the electronics retailer The Source up in Canada, and I'm attending college to become a Medical Lab Technician. I'll be done around October 2015, then I can work in any diagnostic lab/hospital to help diagnose diseases!



Finally Some Info

Well, been a little while since I've posted; this is due to me being out in the field working 12 hour days most of the time, but banking hours for overtime will do wonders later, lol. Anyway, I have found some info on the up coming Gundam 00 movie, and some actuall pics of the four new Gundams. With this release and/or leak of info, I'd imagine another trailer is coming soon, and by the looks of things the movie will come out in early 2010 if these are actual screens from the movie.

But I hope these pics (shown below) are low resolution, cuz if not then not much effort went into the animation of this film; I was hoping for something amazing, and wouldn't mind waiting if they animated the thing properly. From the pics, looks like its just slightly better than the anime, but I could (and hope) be wrong. Especially when I look at the trailer for the new Gundam Unicorn trailer, which looks quite stunning:

Anyway, I think I'm getting off track. Setsuna's Gundam is the 00 Quanta, which from the name I assume retains the twin drive system. Apparently its got many a fang or "funnels" as some people call them. Hallelujah also gets an upgrade with Gundam Harut, and might have a backup unit like the GN-Archer since Harut and Marut are two angels from the Qur'an (no idea what that is). Lyle gets the Gundam Zabaaniyah, which is apparently more close-to-mid-range oriented with dual pistols and a "GN Armor Lite" (again, we'll have to wait and see what that is). Zabaaniyah is the guardian of hell from the Qur'an apparently. And finally Tieria gets a big-ass, heavily armored suit (SURPRISE) called Gundam Raphael, probably (most people think) from the achangel Raphael. And since they kept that trend, I'm assuming there's a mini mobile suit in that hunk of armor somewhere. All this info was found from googling "Gundam 00 Quanta" but mostly found from Facebook's Gundam 00 Movie page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gundam-00-Movie2010/75340919272.

Well, that's all I've been able to find, so now we play the waiting game until some more stuff comes out, preferrably line art or something other than that Chibi trailer that I won't bother posting because it was terrible. The pics are below, so enjoy!

Field Work For The Month

Hey all, just thought I'd announce that I may be on less due to me going out to the field for sample collection. I'm goin' to Sault-Sainte Marie (Canada side) to fish in the St. Marie's River and collect a myriad of fish organs. We've got 400 to catch, so we think we'll be there the better part of the month. We are coming back for Thanksgiving, but going right back up afterward. And last time I was out in the field, we'd fish til 10-11PM, so I don't know if I'll have time to swing by, but I'll have my laptop just in case. Oh, and I mentioned finding an outfit in my latest fanart submission; here it is:

Tales of Graces Shown at TGS '09

Well, whislt looking at some TGS stuff, I stumbled across a video for the latest Tales game, Tales of Graces for the Wii. I know its been known for awhile, but watching a battle with the main character intrigued me. First off, it looks like he can switch fighting styles on the fly (in the vid, he seems to go from Tae Kwon Do to sword art), and the transition seems real smooth too. I also noticed something you don't see everyday; a character with a double-ended sword, but he looks more like a spell-caster...Figure that one out, lol. The colours also look a hell of alot more vibrant than Dawn of the New World, which adds to the artistic value of the game. I just hope this Tales will be a half decent title, since everyone seemed to not like Dawn of the New World (haven't played it myself, but I read up on it, and critics and my friends agreed it was not up to snuff with the original). Too bad my brother sold his Wii (but Blazblue was too tempting, lol), so I think I'll bug Kastom about playing it later.

I'm Back...!?

Well, with free time in hand due to a new COOP term, looks like I'm back for another 4 months or so! SOme of you may have noticed with the slew of fanart I posted over the last two days, but that was just backlog from my vacation, lol. I should probably get back to making walls too, since I just got ALOT more Balzblue screens, and I started watching a new series (CANAAN) that I might make stuff for too. Anyhoo, I should get to bed now, since I have to be up at 6AM to catch the bus to work. See you all around!

Thanks For Da Birthday Wishes!

Thanks to all those who sent me gifts and dedications! Now if only there was a way to switch cyber food to real food (stares down cupcakes and cake). The b-day was good; watched UFC for the better part of the morning, and I was recovering from some weird bug bite that caused most of my upper arm to swell up, and the bite was was in the shape of a star (for those reading D.Gray-Man, I thought akuma may actually exist for a second, lol), and I was stuck on benadryl, so I was very drowsee...Luckily I had a bag of jelly beans to keep me awake. I then proceeded to cook MANY a meat (since I'm a carnivore) and had Boston Banana Cream pie for my b-day cake *drools* I also finally found the ONLY copy at a mall in Ottawa of Blazblue (refer to some of my wallies to see what it is), its bloody hard to find up in Canada (wouldn't be surprised if we got less than 500 copies for the whole country).

Oh, and as for my *triumphant* return to the site, it'll be delayed about another two weeks cuz I just found out the first thing I'm doing for my new COOP job is travelling 8 hours to a river to fish cuz a lumber mill is closing down. But after that I should have tons of time to come back, and maybe even enter the chatroom?