Nellel is one of my newest OCs. I don't really draw him too much but I like to. :) How is everyone?
If anyone even reads these thingies... OvO

Gaara and life update.

Work in progress of a picture of Gaara I've been doing for the last couple of hours. I AM STRUGGLING WITH PAINTING HIS NOSE. LIKE REALLY FREAKING HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE ITS DUMB. OMG WHY IS PAINTING NOSES SO HARD IT TOOK ME LIKE TWO HOURS UNTIL I WAS SATISFIED. GRAH. Anyways, I may be opening commissions. SO please hit up my Deviantart, or Tumblr.
I need the money. My mother is having difficulties financially and with our family situation, we have to adopt my two nephews, otherwise they end up in the foster system. Please contact me. :( I don't usually post things about my life like this but I really need some kind of assistance. If you've read this, Thank you for taking the time to read it. Please, if you can't order any commissions, please just pass the message along. Thank you.


elephants are so hard to draw. Man I kind of wish they didn't commission elephants... It's been a while since I've posted a work in progress here. How is everyone? IF anyone even gets on here anymore.

Pokemon Days

i've been doodling pokemons and gifts for people.


A photo of my up coming OC medley.
This is Junjo, my baby. I really like the way she looks. Or you know Justin. Which ever name you're more familiar with.