elephants are so hard to draw. Man I kind of wish they didn't commission elephants... It's been a while since I've posted a work in progress here. How is everyone? IF anyone even gets on here anymore.

Pokemon Days

i've been doodling pokemons and gifts for people.


A photo of my up coming OC medley.
This is Junjo, my baby. I really like the way she looks. Or you know Justin. Which ever name you're more familiar with.


(From left to right.)
On top is Anthea. She's my little Skull Girl.
Below Anthea is Demitri. He's a cutie isn't he? :D
And on the top right is Koryuu and his girl chick Fawn.
The bottom is Ko Welcoming summer the way I did. Dying on the couch.

How has everyone been? I've been okay. I recently (like a month ago really) put in an essay for a trip to colorado so I could go and spend time working on a ranch. I got accepted and Yay! I go in on Tuesday. There will be an assortment of animals, like alpacas and horses. They also said it'd been cold recently. So wish me luck guys. <3 Hopefully the alpaca won't spit on me, if they even do that.

Tell me what you guys are doing for break.


This is a Wip of something I doodled and decided to lineart. It's Nirvana. My OC. Isn't he a cutie?