'Nobody' really

I really can't wait for III to come out. I'm just sitting in my seat bouncing around until the release. I'll probably doodle my other favorite characters but today is a Roxas kind of day. He's my absolute favorite and I just really loved his character and how tragic his story is. He makes me immensely sad and I can't call any other character my favorite. Until the next WIP. (OoO)/

Sleeping Sora WIP

I really like drawing sora sometimes. But his hair is killer. I always wanna break my hand after drawing it. Anyways, IS ANYONE EXCITED FOR KH3? Because I really cried when I saw the trailer. SUPER PUMPED AND I BET THE GRAPHICS AND ART ARE SO PRETTY UGH.


I'm nearly done with this one. My hand is hurting from the hair lol. It's a redraw of an old character that I've redesigned like six times. :) Her name's Shota Kururgi because I like "K" last names. Especially in Japanese apparently. she's a bit tomboyish but I'm working on drawing women a little more. Because I'm really terrible with them. She's a very, 'silent' character, often bullheaded and she seems like the type to do things first and think later. Her partner Hyde keeps her out of trouble. She's from my MermaidSquad Universe where peeps have special powers and whatnot.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now.


I'll probably do a whole thing with this dude. I dunno. He probably won't have a face or something I dunno. /shot/


Nellel is one of my newest OCs. I don't really draw him too much but I like to. :) How is everyone?
If anyone even reads these thingies... OvO