Chapter 2 : Bringing Down The level 4 (1)

[I tried draw the full level 4 but didn't turn out that well haha]

Allen : [Look worried] Level 4...this is not good...

Yugi : [Coughing from the smoke explosion] What is that thing?!

Allen : An Akuma...the highest level so far..

Yoh : An Akuma with highest level?

Allen : There are four levels so far I have encountered. One to four. Their strength depends on their level and the level 4 is the strongest so far...

Allen : Not to mention defeating a level 4 back then at the Order took at least 2 of us to bring it down...

Allen : But with only myself alone... how can I fight and protect them at the same time?!

Level 4 : [Smiling] An Exorcist. This is going to be fun. I will eliminate you, your Innocence and your human friends that are with you. Hee hee.,

Allen : I have no other choice...

Allen : You guys take cover! I will deal with the Level 4.

Allen : Innocence Activate!

Allen slowly pull out his anti-evil sword, his innocence true form.

He then leap head on towards the Akuma.

Yoh and Yugi : Allen!


Level 4 : [chuckling] Let's play...EXCORCIST!!

Allen : HAH!! [Allen swing his sword]

Level 4 : Hee hee hee


The Akuma stop the attack using his left arm.

Sparks flying from the impact of the collision between the sword and the akuma.

Allen : [Struggling] Ergh..

Level 4 : [Smiling] Is that all you have, Exorcist?

The Akuma pushes away the sword with great force causing Allen to stagger in the air. It quickly takes the opportunity to focus an energy ball and shoots it towards Allen, hurling him down with the energy ball to the ground.

*explosion from impact*

Yoh and Yugi : [Runs towards Allen] ALLEN!!

Allen staggered to pull himself up from the piled debris.

Yugi : [Worried] You're alright?

Allen : Yeah..

Yoh : [Looks at the Akuma] I lent you a hand Allen.

Allen : [Stared at the Akuma] There is no way you can hurt it unless you have an innocence with you. Let me handle it.

Yoh : Yeah maybe you are right...but I will not just stand around watching you suffer out there.

Allen : Yoh...

Yoh : [looks at Allen] *chuckling*

Yoh : Amidamaru!

Amidamaru appeared beside him.

Amidamaru : Ready!

Yoh : Amidamaru in Harusame! In Spiritual Sword!!

Yoh's samurai sword becomes huge and covered with blinding light which slowly shortens as he condense his furyoku.

Yugi : Amazing...

Yoh : Let's go Allen!

Allen : [Looks at Yoh smiling] Right!

They both leap towards the Akuma.

Level 4 : [chuckling] This is so much fun.

Allen : HIIIIYAAA! [swinging his sword]

Level 4 : [Dodges] Too slow!!

Yoh : [From behind Allen] "Divinity blade"!!

Yoh hurl a crimson red energy slash fast towards the Akuma.

The attack is taken by surprise and hits the Akuma.

Level 4 : Aaah.. Why you...HAH!!

The Akuma counters by shooting multiple energy balls towards them.

Allen and Yoh quickly dodges the attacks by supporting one another.

At the ground, Yugi worriedly watches them fighting above.

Yugi : Is there a way we can help, my other me?

Atemu appeared beside him watching grimly at the battle.

to be continue...