Chapter 1 : New Friends and Allies (2)

Somewhere on the further side of the forest...

Kaiba : This will not be happening if you didn't touch that whatever thing
: You "bonkotsu"!

Mokuba : [standing beside kaiba] Yeah!

Joey : Well you could at least stop me back then!
: And stop calling me "bonkotsu"!!!

Ren : [his hair spiked out] Could you guys just knock it off!!!
: You guys aren't the only ones with this problem you know!!
: Let's just figure out a way out of this mess!

Kanda sigh upon looking at them.

Choji went to calm them down

Kanda : Why am I always stuck with these kind of people...
: No point staying in one place. Let's move.

Joey : You're right..

Kaiba : Humph

Choji : Sure thing, Master Kanda

The group soon make their move. Back to Allen and the gang...

Yugi : A shaman and an exorcist...
: I see

Allen : Well we each are different in our own ways.

Yoh : Yup.

Amidamaru appeared beside Yoh

Yoh : Oh Amidamaru, any luck?

Amidamru : Sorry Mister yoh...

Yugi and Allen looked shocked.

Yoh : oh I forgot to introduce. This is Amidamaru, my guardian spirit and my friend.

Amidamaru : [smiled] Hi.

Yugi : A guardian spirit...

Allen : But yoh..why can we see him?

Yoh : Well shamans have an ability to connect to the spirit world. So basically you can talk and touched them. The reason why you can see him is because you both contain a good heart.

Yugi and Allen poked Amidamaru.

Yugi : Hmm..
: If spirits can really be seen, then "he" also can...

Allen : Something wrong?

yugi : Like you yoh, I have a someone that always look after me
: "My other me" can you hear me?

Allen and Yoh looked curious.

Atemu appeared behind Yugi.

Atemu : To think that I could show myself freely in this world...

Yugi : this is Atemu or "my other me" which I usually call him.

Atemu : Yo!

Yoh : Hee hee we are so much alike now don't we?

Yugi smiled.

Allen : Haha. It's rare for me to have friends like you guys.
: It has only been a while and yet..we are like close friends.

Yoh and Yugi smiled happily towards one another.

Suddenly Allen's left eye reacted.

Allen : !!
: Could it be?! An Akuma?! Here?!

Atemu : !!

Yugi : Something wrong my other me?

Amidamaru : Mister Yoh!!

Yoh : Yeah...I feel it too..


A ball of dark energy hurling down fast towards them.

Yugi, Yoh , Allen dodged in the nick of time.


The smoke cleared.. and a figure appeared, floating above them.

Hee hee hee. Finally I have found someone to play with.

Allen : [Look at it in horror] Level 4...

to be continue...