Chapter 1 : New Friends and Allies (1) I...?

Allen slowly regain his consciousness.

Allen :[Looking around his surroundings] Where exactly am I?
: And....everyone?

Allen began to venture into the forest. Everywhere he turned, forests are seen with endless sight. Allen continued ventured further within which soon came to a wide clearing.

: ....*sigh*.....
: Where are you guys...

*Rustle Rustle* The bushes in front of him shook...

Allen : !!
: Who's there?!

*Rustle Rustle*

Allen stared cautiously towards the bushes with a battle stance.

Finally an open space.

You sure are right of going this way.

Hee hee hee

Yoh and Yugi stumbled out of the bushes.

Yoh : Ahh...fresh air hee hee

Yugi : *nods*

Allen : ...err...

Yoh and Yugi : [Look at Allen] hmmm?

*Silence fill the air*

Yoh : [cheery smile] Yo!!

Allen gives a small smile.

Allen : From the looks of both of you, I figure you are not from here.

Yugi : *nods* Indeed. Something happen to my friends and I a while back then.
: When I woke up, I found myself ended up here alone.

Yoh : Well that happen to me and my friends as well.
: [Smiling] At least I am not alone here being like this hee hee.

Allen : The same thing happen to me as well...
: *sigh*
: Oh by the way, my name is Allen Walker *smile*.

Yugi : Hi I am Yugi Mutou.

Yoh : Asakura Yoh.


Yoh : It seems that all three of us are in the same boat..
: Not knowing where we are and our friends.

Yugi : Yeah..looks like it.
: I just hope that they are alright...

Allen : [Worried]...I hope so.

to be continue...