A New Beginning

In Shaman King world, before discovering the hidden Patch Village...

Yoh and his gang are slowly continuing their journey through the empty desert when Horo-horo suddenly spots something glimmering under the sun.

Horo-horo : What's that?

Horo-horo ran towards the light

Yoh : Horo-horo wait up!!

The gang ran after him. A small floating crystal ball floats in front of the gang. Everyone stared at it... speechless.

Ryu : What is that thing?

Anna : It's a crystal ball. What else do you think it would be.

Yoh : Pretty...

Horo-horo : Cool. Horo-horo began to reach out towards it.

Anna : Ahh wait don't. It might be a trap!!

But with a tip of Horo-horo finger touched the crystal, with a burst of light, the gang suddenly pulled in within the crystal and the crystal shattered into dust. The wind blows the dust as yoh and the gang disappeared without a trace...


In the D Grayman and YuGiOh World...

A same phenomenon occurred when the gangs from each worlds discovered and touched the crystal.

Kaiba : You "bonkotsu"!!! [ usually refer to Joey which mean "amateur" ]



Allen : Lenalee!!

Lenalee : Allen!!!

Lavi : Everyone hold hands and no matter what, DON'T LET GO!!

Everyone : AAAAAAAHHHHH !!

With a burst of shining light, everyone black out...

to be continued...