So Hi everyone My name is Siriman Doumbia and i am a manga addict...

I am like 6"3" and i weight 150 pound (i know i'm really skinny)

At school i am pretty social, i play Basket-ball(of course don't forget 6"3"), Track , Cross Country

I just learned English like a year ago (so sorry for the mistakes)

If it's not at school at home my only interest is Manga and i really hope it is going to stay until death

Oh and talking about death i wish i would die at my 107th birthday and by a sword (i am not an emo just as stupid thing i came up with)

I want to make friends with people who have the same interest as me

Oh and i am starting a manga too ( hope it will work )

I am trying to improve my drawing skills too

=_= I guess thats all for now

( And for the My Single Life i want it to call a stupid life but i don't know why i did that)

A great day

So today is a great day for me because i got a new laptop and I decided to actually train seriously on my drawing skill

So if by chance any of you have some tips or advice they would be welcome

First post

So this is my first post YAY ! ...........

just want it to write something for the first day =_= ( lame )