The Miracle That No One Knew

The Miracle That No One Knew

November Fourth.

He had become closer to the dark-haired man than he cared to admit. He had learned how "that man" liked his coffee. Had learned the best way to deal with the few hours of sleep he received, so they wouldn't affect him during the day. (Or was it night now? No windows. So it's hard to tell.) Basically, he had learned the best ways to deal with that quirky, sugar-obsessed, insomniac. To live with "that man".

He had convinced himself that "that man" had to die. He had to go away, so he could do what was needed. To get rid of the one obstacle keeping him from reaching his goal. The boy in him had died so long ago, it seems. Was he ever there to begin with? He was turning into a god. At least, he thought so.

He had learned to detach himself from his emotions. He had no need for a friend. He had no need for "that man".

November Fifth.

It was almost time, and his heart was racing more than he cared to admit. The room had gone dark, and red lights were flashing. The shinigami had disappeared, and panic was in the air. Something had happened. "That man's" older companion was now unresponsive. It was nearly time, and his emotions were running higher than he cared to admit.

"That man" began to speak, but his words were cut short. A spoon fell from "that man's" finger tips. And his body soon followed, almost in slow motion. He watched that man fall down, feeling more scared than he cared to admit.

This was wrong, he thought to himself. These feelings coursing violently through him, they shouldn't be there. He was going to be God. These feelings were unnecessary. So unnecessary. And yet...

He was scared. So scared... And so, he caught "that man" just before he even touched the floor. "That man's" hand gripped his shoulder. So painfully. As if just by hanging on, keeping that contact, the harsh pain in his chest would cease. "That man's" eyes searched his. Frantically. Desperately. And "that man" knew. "That man" was laying, dying, in the arms of a man who was trying to become a god. The one he had been searching for, the one he needed to catch, to stop. And yet, the so-called young god's eyes were anything but triumphant. And "that man" knew. This wasn't what he wanted. "That man" knew. The young god was just as cursed as he. For those eyes could never belong to anyone, but a ghost. Trapped forever in his sins.

The young god prayed, but knew already it was too late. That cursed notebook was too powerful. And he begged with his once-cruel eyes, for forgiveness. And "that man" did.

"That man's" eyes slowly closed, offering the young god his peaceful farewell. And though the young god regretted it more than he could ever say, though he wished he could stop it more than he ever thought was possible, "that man" died.

A miracle did occur that day, though nobody at the time knew it.

Light Yagami screamed as he held L's now lifeless form.

And Kira cried.


(Trustless here! Yup, Death Note's my favorite, so of course I had to write a DN Fanfiction for Halloween! I decided to post this now rather than November 4th or 5th, that way it'll seem less depressing. I hope. ^_^; I wrote this yesterday on a spur of the moment thought I had. So I hope you like this! Happy Halloween, everybody! And Happy Birthday, L! We love you! ^_^ ~TS [By the way, I hope you, the reader, realized the miracle I talk about in the story. If not, then I'd still like to hear your theories. It's fun to make a story your own, isn't it? That's the whole purpose of Fanfiction, I believe. And please, do not use without my permission!])