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I created this world to showcase one of my obsessions: playing The Sims 3. I was on the fence about it at first, but when a friend made me play it I was hooked. Since then I've been playing and downloading almost every day because it's very relaxing. My custom content now stands at an impressive 5 GB, with almost 3000 files.

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Credits: background pattern, color scheme. Sim in the header is the EA-made, Sunset Valley resident Agnes Crumplebottom, currently in Al Simhara.

Blooper: Yuki Amado and the Fire Trap

It all started with some good ol' tomb exploring. Naturally, there are tr...

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Accidental celeb Sims

I find these sorta creepy, mainly because I didn't intend for these Sims to turn out this way; they just ended up looking like that after random modifications (first Sim) or were randomly generated by the game engine (second Sim). Just thought I'd...

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Yo, fresh and funky!

As you all know, my attention span is shorter than a three-year-old's, so I end up creating a Sim, playing them for a while and then, out of the blue, creating another one ("just to try out something new") and end up playing that one and abandonin...

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Misha Queensfield [part 1]

Image heavy post ahoy! (hence the hiding) I'm going to present one of my dearest Sims: Misha Queensfield! Her name wasn't planned out; I just liked the first name because it sounded ~*special*~ and I gave her a random last name because I l...

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Sim #3: Olivia (sort-of simself)

Weell, here we have my third creation and (sort of) simself, Olivia C, creatively named after me. She's not completely like me, though: she's thinner and her nose is more pointy, not to mention she smiles very rarely. Since I deleted that ga...

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