This world is to give Tribute to Exellent Fan Art. if you have made Fan Art that is not featured here in Simple & Sweet, do not be upset (please!) It may be due to all the Great Fan Arts created everyday, or it may be because i just havent gotten to it. Plz be nice and give comments that'll put smiles on the Artist face. ^^ thank you and enjoy my fan art of greatness gallery. ^^

Fallen In, By: SaiyukiLuver

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This is a masterpeice made by saiyukiluver!! I really can't say much but wow. My first fan art feature in a while and I am utterly lost for words :D great job saiyukiluver!!!!
5 Stars!!

Lady Of The West

it's been a long time since i've done a fan art feature. its kind of nastolgic, especially since the Artist that i am featuring is a repeat!! ReeniGrl!! This art made by RG is truly a work of art. combining her own created character with Sesshomaru's clothing in a very neat and detailed space. 5/5 Stars!!

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DC2:: Mechanic

It's been a while since i have done a feature in this world, but i think i can start again with this amazing Art work by Saiyukiluver. I love this Art for two resons. 1 being that it is not colored in the art work itself would usually have a hard time sticking out as a good Frame. but Saiyu (i hope you dont mind me shortening your name) did an excellent job. the body posture and the look on the charcters face makes me feel like i could relate to the young mechanic. 2nd off, it has a simplicity about it that makes you wonder what kind of art style the creator has. The simplicity itself can speak for the art. 5/5 Stars Saiyukiluver, keep up the good work! p.s: I ♥ Dark cloud 2!

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Black *Rock Shooter

This was made by one of my own friends here on the O, Excaliburer! ^0^ She did an excellent job on this art made for the challenge BLACK *ROCK SHOOTER. i really like this art for two reasons. one it's very well done and neat. Two because i love the flow of the hair and cloak in this art, very nice. 5/5 stars for you Excaliburer! ^^

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Gaia Commission: Vocaloid Riri

well anyone who knows me pretty well, will know that i'am a huge fan of the Vocaloid series. And this really caught my eye. I love it. very simple and neat. This art was created by Moyogi, and may i say Moyogi...You caught this characters innocence so masterfully and artfully that it left me almost speechless. keep up the good work! ^^ 5/5 stars

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