I feel insane. I don't show it. I'm patient, but quick to anger. I'm kind, but my yin is starting to take over. And my dog is scared of bubbles for some odd reasone........ ALL HAIL SUSHI.


Ive come back to complain again that my internet sucks. I still can't comment or leave replys.

Falls Hopes

Thought I finally got my internet working right. Turns out it I was wrong, because I still can't comment.

Well now

I still can't leave comments or replies. Seems as if my internet will forever suck. I doubt I'll ever figure out why this is. So I'll stay here in limbo forever more, maybe.


Still can't leave comments or reply. So I'll just leave this where no one will see: They re remaking the Thunder Cats. I don't know how many people already know this, but it's news to me. I thought the new Voltron Nickelodeon is OK, but I don't want a new Thunder Cats. The old one was great, and I'm not sure how well a new one will come out. I'll have to look into this some more.


RETURNED!!! For too long, I was denied access to TheO, because my internet sucks! But now, I have acquired a window of apportunity to return. Still can't leave comments or reply, though.