The Uprising of the Insane

There must be a new scent on the wind, but where does it originate from? There is something familiar about it, but for the life of me I could not recall it. Is it something from a distant memory, or some past life whose memories are beginning to rise to the surface? Now the sights and sounds become as familiar to me as my own face in the mirror.
Distinguishing which of this is dream, from memory and reality is becoming quite the chore I must admit. Silence finds a home in my room, and find myself deafened by it's presence. Which of it becomes that which makes us happy, and that which makes us miserable.
By what definitions is it that we must adhere to life? Which memories are the ones that guide us to the heaven we all so much wish for, and which are the ones that guide us to something entirely different? Does it even exist? And not in a theological manner, but in our own. What we can call our own heaven. Is it truly achievable, or is it by some miracle or curse, always at arms length. Always to reach for, but never to grasp.
There is no denying the idea that we fight everyday, for everything we are able to do. One way or another, we fight. For our happiness, for our understanding of what's around us. Not a single day goes by that we must not fight with something, or someone. But the important thing to always remember is to pick our battles, is it not?
Such thoughts alone are considered rebellion by some people on this planet, and that alone should be enough to scare the average person. But as long as you fight for what you are, fight by living life, then this revolution of ideals and beliefs will constantly continue to change. And as such by changing, this revolution will never be stopped.
We have changed the media, we have changed culture as a whole. You who know of whom I speak of, we have begun our movement forward and will not be stopped, until we have achieved our goal and make the change we all wish for.
This dream that we must all sleep through, will one day be broken and the world will be ours to do with as we will...for those who do not hear the call, you will see such wonders that your mind will be changed forever...