The true meaning of...

The sun rises, and I think of nothing but those problems that plague my friends and family. My own problems are but tiny items in this grand isle we call a lifetime. Because after all, we know that's all lifetimes are: Isles in a giant store that make us what we are. The more issues we have in our lives, the larger the store. That's what makes us unique in truth. The fact that we all share those issues that others share with their comrades. Even those that do not believe in a better time, with or without those around them. What little we see for ourselves, is it truly ours? Is it one of those things that we claim as our own, but actually belong to another. I guess that's the true meaning of peace.
To see what lies ahead of you, and still do nothing to change it no matter what is in your way. Even if it's something that can be changed as rapidly as the times of today. For no one alive today, truly holds real value to the day that they live in the present. We are a society that lives for the "future". For the "moment". Even for that which they would call their own salvation. We are all so selfish in reality aren't we? Or are we actually capable of true selflessness which would lead us to true happiness. But I doubt that we are capable of such great acts of courage. Or maybe we are but cowards that stand in the light of judgment and redemption. We are nothing short of what we would make of ourselves. That much is clear...or at least I believe it is so.
Because what is it to believe in the truth, if we cannot even question our own answers to life. If it should be the answer to the universe, or the meaning of life, we should never question what we see as a universal truth. Kindness,fondness, friendship, free mindedness, all these things that should actually be the governing factors in our lives are not. Instead we bother ourselves with material needs. That which we can see, hear, and touch, are suddenly the priority in our lives. That which gives us pleasure, not on a spiritual level, but on a level of divine ordinance. "We are anything but god. Not only are we capable of evil things, but sometimes we are driven to be the devil himself."
I can no longer see what must be done...I can no longer see the path that I must follow in order to achieve the goals I wish to achieve. What exactly should I do, if not but take revenge for the wrongs that were dealt to me by humans around me. Not by some divine joke have I been dealt these cards, but by human hands are they shuffled, and handed to me. It has taken me long enough to recognize the truth of where our luck truly comes from.
Not by other worldly hands, but by those around us.
Let us all be taken by the feeling at the moment, that we might learn to appreciate the future, and the past that has made us what we are. No shame, no bad feelings of regret, but pride in that which we decided to make ourselves. Maybe I have no right to decide what should be the truth, but then again, I do not wish to make these things my own. Please believe me in the truths that I speak. And the lies that are not even mentioned for the sake of not confusing those that would hear my words as the true way of the world.