Silver One: Chapters 21-25

Chapter twenty-five:

When the guards came to get Daniel for the third day of being questioned under the influence of the drugs, he knew something was wrong. The four of them were heavily armed and without any warning they bound his hands behind him. He was too surprised at first to protest. But when he realized they were taking him to an interrogation chamber reserved only for criminals his attempt to question the guards as to what was going on was ignored.

Daniel stopped walking and demanded, “I asked you a question, what is going on here!

The guards ignored his question and simply grabbed his arms and dragged him into the room. They removed the restraints and fastened him to the wall. They fastened him to chains spreading his arms above him and to the side. With additional restraints around his waist, across his chest just under his arms and around his knees and ankles he found he could hardly move!

This didn’t make any sense! He wasn’t a traitor! Did Jared actually intend to torture him? Daniel had never approved of such harsh methods. Since he had been given command of a battle ship the chamber for criminal interrogations had never been used. Why go to such extreme methods when it wasn’t required? Did High Command know what he was doing?

Jared entered the room and sat down at the control console in front of Daniel, he started turning all the equipment on.

Explain yourself Sub-Commander.” Daniel demanded.

Jared finished turning on all the equipment and finally looked up at Daniel. Jared smiled and said, “I think you are the one who needs to explain. Did you really think you could hide the truth from us?

Daniel was speechless for a moment before replying, “What are you talking about? I have told you the truth about everything you have asked me!

Jared replied, “Then explain why you never mentioned that Nathan is your father. Such an important detail to overlook for a Commander.

Daniel was once again speechless, what in the world was Jared talking about? Nathan wasn’t his father! His father had died in a skirmish with the resistance!

Jared continued, “Nothing else to say Commander?” Daniel screamed in pain as Jared activated the disruptors sending powerful waves of electrical energy through his body.

Jared waited several minutes before turning the disruptor off. “Does that help you to remember? Or do you require more?” He said.

Daniel took a moment to catch his breath before responding, “My father was killed by the resistance. It’s in my records! He died before I was even born! Nathan is not my father!” Once again Daniel screamed in pain as Jared activated the disruptor. When it finally stopped he hung limply in the restraints breathing heavily.

We found evidence showing that your records had been tampered with. The only thing we haven’t been able to determine is which one of you altered the records. Your mother claims she didn’t do it, and I can’t ask Nathan. When we checked with the clinic your mother went to for the genetic process we found a hard copy of the arrangement between your mother and Nathan. Imagine our surprise when it clearly stated that Nathan was the genetic donor. Most clinics don’t keep a hard copy or I’m sure you or Nathan would have made sure it was destroyed.

Jared got up and walked over until he was face to face with Daniel. “I must admit I had no idea the resistance was so capable. To think that Nathan managed to hide under our very noses for so long and that you actually managed to get promoted to the rank of Commander!” He said, admiration in his voice.

Daniel couldn’t believe what he was hearing! Was it really true that Nathan was his father? If that was really true his mother would be executed for high treason! No! It couldn’t be! This had to be some sick game of Jared’s to force him to admit he was a traitor, but why?

He is not my father Sub-Commander; I refuse to play your sick game. I am not a traitor.” Daniel said.

To his surprise Jared smiled and said, “Ah, but Commander this is no game I assure you. We have already secured your mother’s confession regarding Nathan. She has even admitted that she suspected that Nathan and other people she knows were working with the resistance. Do you know what the penalty is for not reporting suspected resistance members or activities? Don’t bother to answer, of course you know what it is.” Jared paused and then answered his own question, “the penalty is death.

Daniel couldn’t help but gasp in horror! “Damn you Jared! Leave my mother out of this!” Daniel snapped. He knew it was pointless but he tried to pull free of the restraints to get at Jared. Daniel glared at him.

Jared laughed and replied, “You’re actually kind of cute when you are angry.” Jared walked back and sat down at the console and said, “It looks like I’m going to have to convince you Commander that I’m quite serious.

Jared continued using the disruptor on Daniel until he could no longer even scream. He sighed; it was a shame that he didn’t get the pleasure of such activities very often. Jared shut down the disruptor. He didn’t want Daniel to lose consciousness just yet, it would spoil the next surprise he had for him. When he had read the execution orders he had been surprised by being given complete control over Daniel’s and his mother’s fate. As long as at least one of them was executed High Command didn’t care what happened to the other.

He had contacted High Command to make sure and they had responded that if he wanted to keep Daniel alive as a prisoner that was fine by them. Besides, unlike his mother, Daniel was a commander, something Nathan had to have used to his advantage. Taking the time to probe his memories would be extremely useful in tracking down other connections to the resistance forces.

Jared smiled as he got up and walked over to Daniel. He reached up and grabbed Daniel’s hair forcing him to look at him. “Do you believe me now Daniel?” He said. “I already have the orders for your execution, and for your mother as well. Though I intend to keep you alive for a while. I have no use for her.

Daniel fought to stay conscious. He didn’t want to believe it but if execution orders had really been issued then what Jared was saying had to be true. “I told you Jared,” he whispered, “Leave my mother out of this!

Jared let go of Daniel and walked back over to the console. He turned on the monitor on the wall behind him and prepared the program Ryan had sent him. “I think it’s time for an educational video I’ve had specially made just for you,” Jared said. “I’ll be back to continue our conversation once the video is finished.

Jared got up and left, he would watch the video of Daniel’s response later. For now he had duties to attend to. Jared smiled, besides he had already seen the video, Ryan had outdone himself. Daniel had actually looked quite cute when he was angry, it would be interesting to see how he looked after seeing what was on the video.