Silver One: Chapters 11-15

Chapter fourteen:

Nathan sighed. Now that Jared had finished tracking down all the relay transmitters he had set up and destroyed them it had become extremely difficult to keep in contact with the resistance as it was far more dangerous to use the ships transmitters. It had been a fine line to walk, as he had been required to assist Jared in the calculations to actually trace the transmissions being relayed from the transmitters on Earth. Nathan had finally incorporated the calculations into part of the testing for Celestia. It had amazed him at how quickly she had managed to find them.

Using her skill had kept Jared from realizing he had originally set up the transmitters, but unless something was done her ability could be a serious problem for the resistance. Somehow he had to get both her and Jason to the resistance! Even if it meant he had to reveal that he was a member himself. Nathan had already received orders from the Commander regarding the next mission. He was to begin searching for a base built by the resistance. Although he didn’t actually know the location of the base he did know the exact frequencies to hunt for. He hated to do it but he would have to use Celestia again. He had already sent the request for a ship to be waiting for them in the next system. If things went according to plan he hoped to escape with both Celestia and Jason.

Jason wondered how much longer they were going to keep him in the sick bay. Crystal had already told him that he would make a full recovery and yet they kept him here. It wasn’t like he had anything better to do but at least when he was working with Nathan he could concentrate on trying to understand their technology. He could even forget his predicament for a short time while he was working. It frustrated him to be stuck here.

Jason knew that he had to work hard. If it was just him he wouldn’t care what happened, but if he didn’t work hard and Celestia needed him he would never be able to forgive himself. He adjusted the bed so he was in a sitting position. How much longer are they going to keep me here? He wondered. The door to the room Jason was in opened and the ship’s doctor Crystal walked in.

Ah, good you’re awake,” She said. “I think you are ready to be released from sick bay. But before that I have a surprise for you.” Crystal stepped aside and motioned to someone outside the door. When Celestia walked into the room he couldn’t tell who was more speechless, him or her. The doctor smiled, “I’ll leave you two alone as I’m sure you have a lot to discuss.” With that she left the room, the door closing automatically behind her.

Celestia and Jason stared at each other as if they both couldn’t believe what they saw. Jason started to get up but Celestia beat him to it by flying across the room and into his arms. To his surprise Celestia was crying. Jason wrapped his arms around her and held her close while she cried. At that moment Jason knew he cared for her and would do anything he could for her. Before he would have been embarrassed to cry in front of anyone but now he couldn’t stop the tears and didn’t want to, he no longer cared.

After a while Celestia pulled away from Jason and composed herself, “I’ve been so worried about you, the doctor told me what happened, are you okay?” She asked.

Jason smiled, “Yes, but more importantly how are you doing?” He asked.

Celestia sighed, “Better now that I know you are okay. I was worried that they were going to kill you.” She paused for a minute and continued, “I’m really sorry I got you into this mess.

Jason replied, “It’s not your fault, there’s no way you could have known this would happen.”

Celestia sighed, “I’m still sorry anyway.

Jason hugged Celestia close again and said, “As long as you are alright nothing else matters.

Jared watched through the observation window as Jason and Celestia met again for the first time since they had been brought on board the ship. He smiled as he saw how emotional they both were, his instincts about how they felt towards another was correct.

Crystal walked up to where Jared was standing. “Here’s the report you requested, it will require further study but humans appear to be compatible with genetic enhancements. I may even be able to change their aging cycle to match ours as humans only live seventy to one hundred years compared to our three hundred,” the doctor said. She handed the data pad to Jared. He looked at it briefly and then copied the report into his own handheld device before handing it back to the doctor.

Crystal continued, “Jason is completely recovered, however since I had to rebuild some of his nervous system he will be quite sensitive to outside stimulation for the next couple of weeks. I’ll release him from sickbay but without any disruptor restraints. Even with the modification made to account for his system, another incident could destroy the newly rebuilt nerves, though if you wish to continue using the restraints he should be fine after a few weeks.” She paused for a moment and continued, “I’ve never questioned your requests for certain drugs sub-commander, but it is my duty to inform you that using them could also destroy his nerves, it would be better to wait just to be safe. I intend to follow up with weekly checkups which I will forward to you.”

Jared smiled and replied, “Understood doctor.” He continued to watch as Jason and Celestia chatted with each other. He would follow the doctor’s advice as she was like him in the respect that duty always came first. She never let her feelings come before her patient’s welfare, even when he was the patient. He would never forget the first day they met. He had been injured on a mission and when he had been brought into sick back the first thing she had done was lecture him on how the drugs he used on his diversions and himself were detrimental to his performance. At first he had been furious until she showed him the results of her scans.

To his utter surprise she had then proceeded to lecture him on what combinations of drugs he could use on himself to get the same results without the side effects. She had also lectured him at length about other aspects regarding how he amused himself. Some of what she said he didn’t agree with but he had been so surprised by her blunt manner that he had come to respect her skill as a doctor. When he had been promoted to serve under Sandra he had requested that the doctor be transferred with him. Jared preferred crewmembers that were not afraid to tell him all the facts, even if they made him look foolish.

Crystal spoke again, “I’m also recommending that these two be transferred to officer quarters. There are two rooms down the hall from yours, which would be ideal as they would be unable to leave without passing your door. I’ve taken the liberty of having the engineers install a lock on their doors that only you, the commander and me will be able to control. Humans don’t recover as well as we do and their recent scans show quite a bit of wear and tear from the stress. I’ve already spoken with the officers occupying those quarters and they have agreed to move to make room for the humans. I’ve made sure that although their new quarters are smaller that they have been provided with access to some of the better equipment to make up for the loss in space.

Crystal handed Jared another data pad with her recommendations in it. She continued, “I have also explained to the Commander my recommendations as well. She has left the final decision up to you. I realize giving them such quarters may seem excessive, but I’m concerned that their bodies are showing so much stress. I want to make sure the poor living conditions in the tiny cells are not contributing to the problem.” Once again the doctor paused and then continued, “Unless you object, in a little bit I intend to have them moved to their new quarters.

Jared looked up from the data pad Crystal had given him and said, “Very well doctor, finish making the preparations for the transfer.” He handed the pad back to the doctor and then turned to continue watching Jason and Celestia.