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Since I have been a member over at OtakuBoards, I have been a part of two RPG's or rather collaborative stories where the members work together to weave a story. Starting with Silver One and the now currently running Silver One: Civil War These RPG's were based on my original science fiction story Silver One. This arch of the story takes place shortly before Earth is invaded and taken over by the Versilan Empire. Before the events in the two RPG's take place.

Many tens of thousands of years ago, in another part of the galaxy an Empire was born. Before that they were broken into ten different factions and were constantly torn apart by multiple wars; eventually this chaos brought about the formation of a High Council with a representative from each faction in an effort to restore peace. And in time it did. This Empire built by a race that called themselves Versilan’s then turned their focus outwards expanding their reach into the depths of space as their technology grew.

At first their efforts were peaceful, but as time went by and they began to also enhance their lifespan through genetics, they began to see themselves as being superior to other races that they had encountered. Corruption began to build from within as people turned their backs on the unpleasant rumors so long as their every wish was fulfilled. And slowly but surely, the High Council became more military in nature, more separate from the common person.

And now for over a thousand years they have been slowly conquering other races, crushing all opposition both from within and from without. They are experts at keeping the common civilian happy and yet recruiting those into their ranks who believe the teachings that other races are inferior and meant to be used to serve the Versilan Empire.

Silver One: Chapters 21-25

Chapter Twenty-one: Nathan set his hand-held device down; he had finished writing the program to make the Commander think Jason and Celestia had left the ship. Celestia’s program had been easier to modify than he ha...

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Silver One: Chapters 16-20

Chapter sixteen: Celestia knew that something was terribly wrong with Jason. She didn’t know what but she knew something had happened since they had been moved to the better quarters. Although he was happy to see her a...

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Silver One: Chapters 11-15

Chapter Eleven: Celestia woke up to the sound of the cell door opening. It was the alien with shoulder length silver blonde hair and striking features that she remembered seeing during her interrogation. She moved to get ...

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Silver One: Chapters 6-10

Chapter Six: Jason watched, horrified as the woman questioning Celestia began to torture her. He could tell that the alien with silver blonde hair was watching him, waiting to see his reaction. He knew it would be a mista...

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Silver One: Chapters 1-5

Chapter One: Celestia shut the door behind her, making sure the electronic lock engaged. Now that final testing was about to be done it was even more important to keep everything secret. Celestia wasn’t worried about her...

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