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I will be posting storeh's poem's and randome comment's.
Most of thes story's and poem's will not have a happy ending or plot.
So welkom to the dark depth's of meh mind

Heh Meh a ninja cat


Animal[part uno]

I looked around, the mass of the jungle spread out around me. I had just escaped a facility that was documenting my ‘ability’s’. It was torture. They stuck tube’s down my throught, wire’s coming from my skin, I was in a tank, murky water all around me. The images were still running through my mind. I had to kill so many people to get out. To top it all of I’m nude. My name is Samantha Santillago, I am a Mexican girl from Bakersfield. I never thought that this would ever happened. I was taken from my mom when I was fifteen, my body has changed since then. I am taller, thinner, and above all, stronger. I have to find a place to hide and I need cloth’s! I seen an old fashion cart, it looked like one from those pictures from history class. The one’s from Japan. I wonder what I can do…. I jumped forward, killing all the people that were there. I rummaged through there clothing, finding something that would fit me. I head a shuttering sound. I looked over, a man was looking down on me, a smile on his face. He murmured something in
Japanese, taking the cloth’s from me and grabbed some other clothing. He said something in Japanese again and handed me cloth’s. I took them from him, looking at them then looking back at him. “I don’t speak Japanese.” I murmured. He smiled. “I’m sorry. I knew you were foreign. Here let me help you up.” He put his hand out, I looked up at him, he was speaking English just for me? I took his hand and stood up. He took the clothing form me and started dressing me. I looked up at him, my face reddening as his hand’s touched my body. The clothing he had given me was a small kimono and some tight fitting pant’s. He picked me up and started running. “I have to thank you for setting me free.” He murmured as he ran. “I wasn’t trying to set you free. I was only looking fro clothing.” I murmured. He smiled down at me. “I know. But you did help me so I will help you. So tell me, what is your name?” He asked. “I’m Samantha. And you?” I asked. “I am Kanji.” He murmured, his eye’s looking forward. I smiled slightly. He was a very handsome man. His lip’s pulled back into a smile. “I can read mind’s.” He murmured. My face reddened at that information. “Ah…….” I couldn’t say much to that. How can he be able to read my mind? It can’t be! I need my mind to myself! “Well I’m sorry to tell you this but I have been reading your mind for a while now. I seen what you seen in that tank. I seen you kill all those people. I seen you running through the forest. Oh, and I seen you pounce all the men that were guarding me.” He murmured. I looked up at him. Why would he invade my mind? “Because your mind was interesting and it was a lot better than listening to the guard’s whine about how much they hate me. It was a nice change to have a fresh mind around me.” He said, looking down at me then looking back up. Ass hole. His smile widened. “Don’t worry, I can block your mind out. If you don’t want me listening I will stop. Of coarse you will have to do something for me first.” He stopped, landing in front of a giant door in the ground. “Only I know how to open it.” He murmured, looking down at the door. He put me down, leading me to the door. I looked around. It was so big and so beautiful. Like nothing I had ever seen before. “You are eve more beautiful.” He murmured. I looked up at him, my cheek’s red as a tomato. “You have beautiful and flawless skin. You are very, very beautiful.” it was very strange being complimented like this. He closed and locked the door, leaving it pitch black. My vision quickly enhanced. I looked up at him, he was walking over to something. I followed, my heart beating like a bird. It was so strange, this attraction I have fro him. It’s almost magical.......


The Escape

I giggled as the grass tickled my face. “Ihjiry can you do me a favor?” Zaku-sama asked.
I sat up and looked at him confused. “Um…yah of coarse I can.” I answered still confused.
“Close your eye’s and take off your glasses.” He answered me simply. His voice sounded
different than usual. More…husky. “Of coarse Zaku sama.” I said taking off my black glasses.
Like this?” I asked closing my eye’s. :Yes now don’t move.” He said in the same husky
voice as before. I felt him tilt my head bake. “Hm?” I’ve gotta keep my eye’s closed. I felt
his breath on my face. Don’t move! Don’t move! I felt his lip’s touch mine. I opened my eye’s
in surprise. He moved bake a little when he seen me open my eye’s. “Zaku….Sama?” I
whispered still shocked. He smiled and moved forward to kiss me again. “Mmmm!” I mumbled
as he kissed me again. Th-that was my first kiss! When he moved away from me I yelled
“Zaku!!” “What?” He asked with false surprise. “What do you mean what? You of all people
should know that I haven’t kissed anyone before!” I yelled as my face got redder. “Your such
a grouch Ihjiry.” He asked nonchalantly. “Oh well yah….Get used to it!!!!!!!” I yelled.
I woke from my dream gasping. I looked around the cave I had fallen asleep in.
It’s been one day and I already fore year’s of my life. I yawned and got up. I pulled my
clothes off and put some clean non-shredded clothes on. I pulled my eye patch on.
“I guess it’s time to leave.” I mumbled and walked from the cave I had fallen asleep in.
So Zaku wasn’t just my first love but also my first kiss. I jumped from the cave in search
for Tazy. But I don’t remember where his grave is yet. This smell. “Blood” I said aloud when
I recognized the smell. This blood is so….familiar yet…I know I haven’t smelled it before.
It’s just ahead. I gasped when I seen him. “Yue.” He looked at me with blood dripping out
of his mouth. “Is that not lady Ihjiry?” The man that was fighting asked. I took off my
eye patch and changed. “You’ve gotten week my brother.” I said crouching down in my
usual fighting stance. “Hmm? So your still alive Kumai sensei,” I said locking my eye on
him. “You remember me eh?” He asked glaring at me. “Oh come now do you really think I
would forget a lowlife bastard like you?” I asked bearing my fang’s and snapped my tail
on the dirt that was by him. “You’ll pay for your insolence with your life!” He yelled. I
smiled and pounced on him. I pushed him down and performed the Scarlet kiss. He
screamed with agony as I sucked his life away. When I pulled away I could feel Yue’s
eye’s on me as I put my eye patch on. “Ihjiry wha-what happened to you?” I turned
and said “Life did.” and took off. I stopped when the sun went down. I sighed as I
looked at the cave I happened to land by. “Oh joy I get to sleep in another cave.”
I heard some rustling from behind me. “Oh come on it’s late let’s take a break!” a
young girl wined. “Fine.” An older male said giving in. I baked away slowly. “Hm?”
A small girl came into view. “Sensei it’s the girl from before!” She yelled pointing at me.
“What girl?” A young man asked. I hissed at them and baked away farther.
“You dare show up here again! You fool!” He yelled. “But I just got here.” I said confused.
“Just got here my ass! You attacked us yesterday!” He yelled. “If you attacked you, you would
be dead.” I answered with no emotion. “Not true! Not true! Not true! Here‘s my proof!” He
pulled something out of his pocket. “you dropped this yesterday.” He announced holding Tazy’s
necklace. How did he get that?! “So you admit it!” he yelled. “Nope that’s my sister’s this is mine.”
I said pointing to my necklace. He smiled wide and some blood dripped out of his nose.. “What are you looking at?” I asked. He shook his head and said “Nothing! Nothing!” I looked at what he was staring at.
“Pervert!” I yelled. “I’ll be taking this now. See ya.” I said walking away. “Wait! You don’t have
a home to go to…right?” He asked. “Yes and?” I asked. “You can some with us and if you meet
our Hokage I’m sure you would be able to live there.” He offered. I perked up. “What village do
you live in?” I asked. ‘The leaf.” He answered simply. “Ok” I Cheered.
“Wow this is where the Hokage lives? I asked looking up at the huge building. “Yup let’s go.”
He said happily. We jumped to the top of the tower where the leader was. I bowed in front of her.
“Lady Hokage I found another one!” Ibuki chimed. “Another one?” I asked. “I see so you wish
to live here?” A beautiful young woman with pink lip’s asked. “Uh..Yes!” I said smiling.
“Ibuki show her to where she will be staying.” She said looking at him “Right follow me.” He said looking at me. “Ok.” I said and we took off to where I was going to be staying with my head
band and some shoes. “Bye Ibuki.” I said looking at him sincerely. He blushed and
said “Y-yah b-bye.” He said looking at the ground. I closed the door and locked it.
I turned to see a small apartment. It was small and cozy. “So this is home.” I said
smiling and got unpacked. I grabbed my pocket knife and cut the thick peace of
hair that remained on the nap of my neck off. “Ninja eh? Sound’s like fun.” I
said smiling.
I was where Ibuki tolled me to wait for an hour before he cam. He looked surprise at
my by cloth’s. “Your late.” I accused him. “Yah what ever.” He mumbled. “Let’s just go.”
I said sighing. “Why do I have to take you again?” He asked. “Fine whatever!” I yelled
and took off to where I was supposed to go to meet my team. Stupid boy.
The meeting place Lady Tsunade tolled me about is just ahead.
There it is. “I guess I’m early.” I said landing on the bridge. “or maybe not..” I murmured
as I smelled the human’s behind me. “You must be Ihjiry. I’m Naruto Uzamaki” A tall blond
boy with spiky hair and an orange and black jumpsuit on said. “I’m Sakura” A young girl
about my age with light pink hair and green eye’s said. She wore a red dress with a
tan what looked like a skirt on as well. “And I’m Kakashi.” A man with a uniform like
Ibuki’s on said. His hair was silver and it defied gravity. “Wow how do you get your hair like that?”
I asked coking my head. He chuckled but didn’t answer. I giggled and said “It’s nice to finally
meet you all.” I said faking a smile. “So tell us about yourself.” Sakura said smiling.
“Sure what would you like to know?” I asked. “Where did you live before Ibuki found you?
Do you have any relative’s outside of the village? Do you have a nice place to stay?” Naruto asked.
He seemed to be a very hyper person. “I was living in a cave before Ibuki found me. I do have a nice place to stay I and….” I trailed off deciding what exactly what I would tell them. “Well to tell you the truth….
I don’t really remember my past. I can only remember up to when I was fore. After that nothing. I do remember some of my tenth year but only three month’s of it.” I mumbled remembering the three month’s of training under Tesuni. “And after that?” Kakashi asked breaking the silence.
“I’d rather not talk about it.” I said not wanting to remember the five year’s of captivity.
“Why? What happened?” Sakura and Naruto asked. I just looked at them. Sakura noticed what
I was saying first. “Right you don’t want to talk about it. So what would you like to do?” She asked.
“I think I’ll just go for a walk….alone” I said smiling. “Oh…well see you later then.” She said sadly.
As I jumped away I herd them all say bye. I sighed and ran faster. I finally got away
from those idiot’s. They seemed too…happy. I herd something snap and the next thing I knew I was falling.
Crap this is going to hurt! My body fell hard on the ground. “Ouch.” I mumbled as slowly got up.
“Ouch my head.” I mumbled and rubbed my mead. “Who’s there?” I asked looking around.
A familiar pail boy jumped down. “Who are you?” He asked. “My name is Ihjiry. And you are?” I asked.
“My name is Sai.” I stood up and asked “so Sai…what do you need?” “Tell me have we meet before?”
He asked. “No I don’t believe we have.” I said looking at his figure. He wore a shirt that Yakura
would probably wear. It exposed his right arm and his belly. “Right sorry for bothering you.”
He said and jumped bake into the tree’s. I began to read his thought’s
She look’s like the girl I meet a long time ago. I wonder if it is her. She was so small bake then though.
His thought’s began to fade so I stopped. I got up and headed bake home. Well that was a waist of an hour.
I opened my door to find a girl with silver hair and gray streak’s. “Who are?” I asked. “I’m Yuki Asuke.
You must be Ihjiry. The fifth tolled me about you. She said I would be staying her so I guess…”
She trailed off. “I’m your room mate.” She said smiling. She reminds me of Tazy. I smiled and said
“It’s nice to meet you Yuki as you already know I’m Ihjiry” “That’s a pretty necklace.” She
said looking at my pendent. “Oh thanks.” I said smiling. “So which one do you like more?” I asked.
“Well to tell the truth I like the white one more. I smiled “Just like Tazy” I thought out loud.
“Who’s tazy?” she asked. I flopped on the couch that she was sitting on. “She’s my twin sister.”
I said. “You have a twin?” she asked excitedly. “three of them.” I said smiling. “So your quadruplet’s.”
She said leaning closer to me. She could definitely pass as Tazy. “So do you have
any brother’s or sister’s here?” I asked. “Just my brother.” She sighed. “From your expression he’s a pain.” I said giggling. “That’s an understatement.” She lowered her head. I have got to ask her. I leaned my head bake and asked “Are you human?” I looked at her. Her face was puzzled. “Because I’m not.”
I said smiling. Her jaw dropped. She shook his head and said “Wait! So you’re a demand right?”
She asked. “Yes.” I answered simply. “Sqeeeeeeee!” She yelled and hugged me.
“Why are you hugging me?” I asked. “Because I’m not a human ether!” She yelled happily.
“…Ok you can let me go now.” I said trying to push her away.” No I want hug!” She said
not letting me go.
I yawned as I got into my bed. “Good night Yuki.” I said lightly. “Night Ihjiry.” She said sleepily.
I laid bake thinking of Tazy. Tazy….where are you?
“Ihjiry come with mommy.” I herd my mother’s soft voice from behind me. I turned to
see her in her favorite kimono. “Huh?…Mommy!” I yelled running into her arm’s.
I looked up at her and asked “Mommy what did daddy do to my eye’s and Zaku samas hand’s.
She looked at me with sad eye’s. “It was one of his experiment’s again wasn’t it?” I asked.
“Yes.” Was the last thing I herd before I woke up. I turned my head and closed my eye’s to
fall asleep again. I have a….unique team, a nice home, and best of all a friend I could trust.
“Ibuki you will be the leader.” The fifth said. “Ihjiry Yuki behave.” she said looking at us.
“Whatever.” We said together. “Neji.” “Yes” He answered. “Watch them there very tricky.”
She warned him. “Yes ma’ma” He said. “Lady tsunade can we go in our regular uniform’s.
I mean our anbu uniform is not needed in this mission.” I said happy my mask was hiding
my face. “Your not going to stop asking till I say yes will you?” She asked.
“Yup^-^” I said happily. “Fine but you two better not fail this mission.” She warned us.
I took Yuki’s hand and pulled her to the door. “Bye I’ll see you guy’s there!” Yuki yelled.
“Yah whatever bye!” I yelled as we ran home.
“Ah! Where is it?” Yuki yelled. “It’s right here.” I said after I cut my hair.
“Really?” she asked. I threw it at her. “Ow that was mean and it hurt!” She wined as she
came out with the belt on. “Hey you cut your hair!” She noted. “So did you.” I accused.
“That was a day after I moved in.” She said. “So and that matters?” I asked pouting.
“It doesn’t and why exactly are you making that face?” he asked. “I don’t know.”
I said and stopped pouting. Yuki ended up finishing before me and also left before me.
“Hurry up Ihjiry!” She yelled two feet away from me. “I’m coming it’s not my fault you
took off before I did.” I muttered the last part of my sentence but I knew she herd.
When we landed at the meeting place everyone was there. “Sorry were late we got
a little side tracked.” Yuki admitted. “What we miss?’ I asked. The prince we’ll be
escorting is right in there.” Ibuki said pointing to a carriage. I moved Ibuki out of
my way so I could see the face of the guy I was supposed to protect. “Hm who are you?”
He asked when I moved the veil. “Well It’s nice to meet you too.” I said sarcastically.
“Don’t mind her she’s one of the ninja I warned you about.” Ibuki said pushing me away.
I punched him in the face. “Ah!” He yelled as I hit him. “Butt face.” I mumbled.
I’m soooo going to kill him.
“I don’t see why you separated me and Yuki.” I said pouting.
“Because you two will get in trouble or worse you end up messing up our mission.”
Neji said angrier than usual. “Why did I have to get stuck with you?” I herd Yuki mumble.
“shut it!” Ibuki yelled. I started to smell an unfamiliar sent coming closer to where we were.
“Someone is coming!” Both me and Yuki yelled. “Ihjiry Yuki you two stay here and protect
the prince. Me and Neji will go after them!” Ibuki whispered. “Fine.” I pouted.
“Will you two hurry up and go. There getting closer.” Yuki whispered. They both took off.
We herd rustling around us. Me and Yuki noticed where it was coming from and threw our
kunai at them. I herd two scream’s coming from where we threw the kunai. “Wait here Ihjiry
I’ll be back!” Yuki yelled. “What….wait!!” I yelled. “What is going on?!” The prince yelled.
I was sitting on the floor when he finally came out of his thrown thing. “We were attacked
and somehow I got stuck watching you.” I fumed. “I’m still here you know.” He mumbled.
I feel something coming at us. “Uh…Get down!” I yelled and pulled him out of the carriage
thing he was in. I pulled him in front of me and then a bomb. “I felt something sharp stride
across my back. I could feel my blood drip down my body and fall onto his face. He lifted
his arm’s around my back. “Uh…what are you…doing?” I asked when he tightened his grip.
“Uh…let go! You’ll get covered in blood!” I yelled blushing. I smelled a familiar sent of a
human. I stood up and said “Why don’t you come out already?” I asked. “Wha?” The
prince asked. “Remember me Ihjiry?” She asked. “Do you want to talk or fight?” I asked
mainly because I really didn’t remember her. “Shall we?” I asked raising my hand up.
She came charging at me with her curved sword’s. Made my katana realize and I blocked
her attack. I punched her with my free hand and she went flying bake.

I'll put the reast up later


I was swimming as i always did in the morning, I was heading
for my friend Amelia’s house when I seen what looked like a cloud
hovering over where I was. "The air breather’s" I said in excitement.
I quickly swam to Amelia’s house too tell her of my finding’s.
I swam into her home and pulled her out.
"What are you doing Solaria?" Amelia asked as I pulled her to the
Surface. "Look I think it’s the air breathers!" I said just as we reached
the surface. "Really?" She asked and pulled ahead pulling me along.
We swam closer to, what the air breathers call ,the boat.
"Wow it’s huge." Amelia whispered as we gazed at the big boat.
"Yah I wonder if any air breather’s are in there." "Probably."
Alice said moving closer to the boat, still dragging me along side her,
and touched it. "Look Amelia up there." I whispered and pointed to
one of the air breathers. "What’s he doing?" Amelia asked "I don’t know."
I said as we watched the air breather. "Wow your face mark’s look so
pretty Solaria." Amelia said I looked at her and my mouth dropped.
"Mine are nothing compared to yours." I said. The blue marking on her
face maid her blue eye’s glow. We both giggled. We heard the air
breather shuffle towered the edge of the boat. "What’s he doing?"
Amelia asked. " I think he’s saying something ." I said as I moved
Closer. We were close enough to hear what he was saying.
"This is so stupid." He muttered His hair was long but brushed back.
He was tall and had green eyes. Me and Amelia hid in the shadow
of the boat as he moved closer. "What is he doing?" I asked a little
too loud. H e looked down trying to see if anyone was in the water.
Me and Amelia dove under the water. "Do you think he seen us?"
I asked. "I don’t know." Amelia said then we heard a big splash.
We turned our head’s and seen him. The air breather. "What do we do?"
Amelia asked "We have to get him back to the surface. He’s an air breather
Remember." I said and swam up to him. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to
the surface. I felt a tugging on my arm. I looked back to see him trying
to pull away from me. I let his arm go and looked him in the eye’s.
"Why do you wish to die?" I asked knowing he wouldn’t answer.
He stayed still not moving at all. Slowly his eye’s began to close.
I swam close to him and put my hand’s on the side’s of his face and said
"One that breath’s air doesn’t belong here." and put my lip’s to his and blew.
His eye’s were fool of anger. As I pushed him to the surface. He looked
down when his head popped out of the water. I swam back to the
shadow water so that the other air breather’s wouldn’t see me.
He swam to where I was and asked "Why did you save me?"
I didn’t answer. I just looked up at the sky. "I don’t know" I looked back at him
"My people despise you and your kind so I shouldn’t have saved you.
I warn you now do not say anything about me or you will be put me and
my people in grave danger." I warned him. "And what will I get if I do keep
this a secret?" He asked. I narrowed my eye’s and said "My father was
right you air breather’s are cruel." I was about to dive under water when he
grabbed my arm. "Wait! Not all of us are cruel." He said pulling me closer to him.
"Really well it seems that your one of the cruel one’s" I said and tried to
pull away again. "No I’m not I was just kidding earlier. I will keep your secret.
I promise." he said sincerely. "My father also warned me of your trick’s. How
can I trust you?" I asked. He wrapped his arm’s around me. "Pleas trust me."
He said sweetly. I shook my head and looked at him. "I still don’t have a
reason to trust you." I said looking at the water. "Where is he at!" I heard
another air breather yell. "I have to leave." he whispered. I looked at his face.
I felt so safe in his arm’s that I said "I trust you." and slipped out
of his arm’s and back to Amelia’s side. She grabbed my arm and pulled me away
from the surface. I could tell by the way she was pulling me that she was
going to bomb me with question’s when we were in a privet place.
"Tell me!" She yelled. "Ok, ok what do you want to know?" I asked
"Tell me his name! Oh and tell me what you two were talking about!
Oh and what did he do when he figured out you weren’t an air breather?"
she asked. I sighed and said "I don’t know his name and we were
arguing over whether or not he would keep my secret. And how do you think
he reacted when he seen that I wasn’t an air breather?" I answered all of her
questions as we swam to our secret hide out. I swam up too look at the air
breather’s castle. "Some time’s I wish I was an air breather." I whispered to Amelia.
"Yah me too. To have two fin’s" She giggled and then continued "I wouldn’t mind
being able to actually fall in love." she sighed and looked at me "Me too." I said sadly.
We were both betrothed to princes in different rival land’s. This was the only
time we were ever going to see each other. Well at least until we leave to be marred.
We both sighed and looked at the air breather’s castle. "Solaria did you know that
Ursula is here?" she asked me "Really? If that’s so we can ask her to make us air
breather’s!" I said happily. "Yah let’s go!" She yelled as she pulled me out of our hide
out. We swam to Ursula’s temporary home near the hide out. "Queen Ursula are you here?!"
Amelia yelled. "Who is there?" Ursula’s beautiful voice asked as she came into view.
Her face mark’s glowing beautifully. "I am Solaria and this is Amelia." I said shyly
"Ah yes you two are to be marred in a few day’s are ye not?" she asked her purple eye’s
glowing like diamond’s in the darkness. "Yes that is correct." Amelia said with no emotion.
"Then tell me what is it that you seek?" She asked "We wish to become air breather’s."
I said with as much emotion as Amelia. Ursula smiled and said "The correct term is
human my child." "So will you change us?" I asked "Yes but not here. Come with me
and we will go somewhere closer to the surface." she said looking at the sealing of
the cave we were in. "We can go to our hide out!" Amelia yelled. "Hide out?" Ursula asked.
"Yah come on!" I yelled . She grabbed two bottle’s and then followed us to our hide out.
"Is this good?" we asked "Yes this id perfect." she smiled and handed us each a bottle.
"So we just drink this and we become human?" I asked. "Yes now before you drink it we
will need something to cover both of you. Human’s are different and they actually
wear stuff to hide there body’s. So here wrap this around your body." She gave us two peaces
of cloth. We put them on and they covered almost all of our bodies.
"These are called dresses. The female humans wear them. Now you drink the potion."
She said smiling beautifully we drank the potion. "Ah." was all that I could say before
I had to close my mouth and hold my breath. My fin separated and we. I quickly swam
up to get my breath. I looked over to see Amelia. We both gasped. "Your marking’s
there different!" Amelia yelled. "So are yours." I said looking at her face. "of coerce your
face mark’s are different. The human’s do have face mark’s but not quite like ours. It’s
time to go girls. Be careful." She warned us as we climbed out onto the rock.
"Look Solaria, it’s the boat from yesterday!" Amelia yelled and pointed to the boat
in front of us. "Yah." I said then stepped back and fell. "Solaria are yo ok?’" She asked.
"Yah I’m just a bit wobbly." I answered her as I sat up. The human’s sailed towards us
And stopped when the could fit a small bridge in between us and the boat. I got up
and took Amelia’s hand. "Can we trust them?" she asked silently. "I don’t know.
Do you think the air breather will remember me?" I whispered. "That I don’t know."
She said sadly. "Well what are you waiting fore come a bored!" a man from the boat yelled.
"I don’t think we can trust them." Amelia said. "Me neither." I answered and we both ran
away from the boat and jumped into the water. "I don’t care if he is on that boat.
I may trust him but the other’s I can’t trust." I said as we swam away. We could
hear splashing from behind us. Were they coming fore us? Did they know?
I looked at Amelia and she nodded. We dove into the water. We were under it
fore ten minute’s before we came back up for air. I looked back to see him
chasing after us in smaller boat’s. "Dive!" I yelled to Amelia and we dove
under the water and stayed there until the boat’s were gone when we went
up for air we found that we were surrounded. "Crap." I muttered as I looked
around at all of the human’s. "Why did you run?" He asked us looking at me.
Amelia went lower into the water so only my eye’s were visible. I looked over
at her then back at him. "We have no reason to trust you." I said just as I did
the day before. He narrowed his eye’s and then smiled. "We came here to take
You back to the land." he said smiling Amelia rose her head up and said "Just
because you say that doesn’t mean we will trust you." I smiled and said "I’ve
been warned that you and your people may say one thing and mean another.
So the question is do you mean what you say?" I raised my eye brow. "We assure you we will tack you back to the land safely." another man said.
I looked at Amelia and we nodded. "Fine we will give you a chance but if we
have any suspicions we will jump from your boat and swim to where we want to
Be." I warned. We swam to one of the boat’s. the men helped us into it and we
sailed to the bigger boat. We climbed the, what they called, a rope to get to
the top of the boat. "Come with me and I’ll get you two some different cloth’s"
A young female said and pulled me towards a room. Amelia followed after me.
"Um are you sure you don’t want to change in separate room’s?" The female asked
"Were fine." I said smiling. I took the dress she gave me and grabbed, what they call
Scissors, and cut it "There It’s perfect." I said happily as I finished putting it on.
"Can you do mine?" Amelia asked. "Yah let me see it?" I said and then fixed hers.
"Wow very pretty." She said when she had it on. "We should put these on.
All of the other’s were wearing them." Amelia said holding up one of the
thing’s that human’s put on there fin’s. "Yah let’s find some." we were
throwing out all of them because no of them felt good. "Ah these one’s are comfy"
Amelia said slipping on some that matched her dress. "Oh there are some that match mine."
I said grabbing the red and black one’s and slipped them on. "Come on let’s
go see what there making it smell’s good." Amelia said pulling me out of the room onto
the deck. When we stopped on the deck all of the human’s stopped wha they were
doing and looked at us. I turned my head to see the guy I seen yesterday gawking at me.
"W-what?" We asked. "It’s nothing but we have never seen anyone with
such strange mark’s on there faces." one of the female humans said. "Well there
birth marc’s we are very proud of them. It is considered an insult to say anything about them
in our land." We said in unison. "Well what would happen to the people that
made fun of your’ marcs?" One of the male human’s asked. "It’s not just our face
mark’s It’s all of the women. And the punishment is death." we said answering his question.
"So are you going to kill us?" the male asked again. "No we don’t kill the men do."
We said with no emotion. "So the girl’s are so week that the men have to protect
them from everything. Well you must be pretty week." another mail said snickering
and got closer to Amelia. I punched him away from her and said "You got what I said wrong."
I straitened myself up again and continued. "We are the stronger gender but we don’t use
our strength it make’s the men uneasy so we never fight in any battles. You should be warned
mess with me or my friend and you’ll get your ass kicked." I warned them.
It was about midnight when one of the human’s actually confronted us.
And it was just a question about our home.
We were at the front of the deck looking at the land that we were heading towards.
"I can’t wait to get there. It will be a great relief. " Amelia said then sighed.
"A relief from what?" A male voice said from behind us. I turned to see the guy from the other day.
"Do you mind? I would like to talk to her alone." He said to Amelia.
"No I don’t" she turned to look at me and continued "I’ll be in the room." she walked inside.
"So a relief from what?" he asked again. "I’m not answering until you answer some of my question’s."
I said as I stared out at the sea. "Ok what is it you want to know?" he asked.
"What is your name……and age?" I asked peeking through my bang’s. He was smiling.
"It’s Alexander and I’m seventeen." he said still smiling. "Ok Alexander do you remember me?"
I asked taking another peek at his face. "How could I forget you. You saved my life.
Even though I didn’t want to be saved." he answered sadly. "So why did you jump?"
I asked curiously. "Because I’m supposed to marry a princes by my eighteenth birthday.
I still haven’t found the special one ya know?" He said looking at me. I turned my head
away. "Both me and my friend are supposed to be wed to princes that live in rival
Kingdome’s. That is the reason that I’m here in the first place. If we can find a suitable husband"
I looked at him "we may be able to get out of it." I said still looking at him. He smiled and said
"Didn’t you say that your people despise my people?" he said cocking his head.
"Yes but to tell the truth I never listen to my father." I said as I moved closer to him.
"I have to but he never said anything about her being of my kind." He said as
he wrapped his arm’s around my waist. "Alexander do you have a friend or a brother
that would like to be with Amelia?" I asked. "Yes my best friend he’s also a prince."
His arm’s got tighter. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eye’s. I pulled away
and said "I have to go to sleep. I’ll see you in the morning." I said and ran to my room.
"Hey Solaria what did he say?" Amelia asked when I came inside of our room.
"His name is Alexander and he has a friend that would like you." I said as I flopped on the bed.
I looked at her as her excitement grew. "Dose he remember you?" Amelia asked.
"Yes he dose." I said as I looked out, what they call a window.

Sister's impresion

I walked into the living room with Jasmin to wait for this Sasuke person me and Jasmin were supposed
to help train. Me and Jasmin were waiting for about an hour when he finally appeared. Me and Jasmin
were playing card’s to pass the time. We both stood up and turned to face him. We looked at
each other and giggled. He sighed and mumbled something under his breath. He definitely
would be someone that would look good with Ihjiry don’t you think? Jasmin transferred
her thought’s to me. Yah I could definitely see them together. I thought and giggled again.
“So Sasuke tell us why exactly should we let you train with us?” I asked him narrowing my
eye’s. “Because I said so.” Father said stepping out of the shadow’s. “Uh…Father..” I
trailed off not knowing what to say. “We were just kidding.” Jasmin said saving me.
“Orochimaru you never tolled me you had children.” Sasuke said with no emotion.
“He definitely reminds me of Ihjiry.” I said out loud. Orochimaru narrowed his eye’s in anger.
“S-sorry I forgot.” I said looking down. “Were not allowed to talk about our younger sister’s.”
Jasmin said being braver than me. I waited for him to walk out angrily. When he did I let out a sigh.
“Why can’t you talk about your sister’s?” Sasuke asked. “Because they ‘betrayed’ the sound village.”
Jasmin said rolling her eye’s. “Why would they betray there village?” He asked. “I don’t know why did you betray yours” I said smiling. He glared at me. “Why the dirty look. She’s only asking why you became a rouge. In everyone’s eye’s in your village you will be known as a betrayer. Were only telling you the fact’s.” Jasmin said coldly.
His face became hard and hid his emotion’s behind a mask. “That is non of your bisness.” He answered with no feeling. “You came for power didn’t you?” I asked him. “And?” He asked raising his eyebrow. I giggled and said “He is the one that Ihjiry warned Father of.” “Yes he is. The one that she predicted that would kill Orochimaru. She’s going to angry if you get him before she dose.” Jasmin said trying to scare him. His face didn’t change but his heart beat rapidly increased. “Her prediction’s never fail. She said that the last of a clan would end up being a warrior and serve Orochimaru without ever disobeying him but would also die trying to getting him a new vessel. Then Kimimaro was recruited. Then he died trying to bring you here. She also said that six of his guard’s would die in a battle with both leaf and sand ninja.
Jirobo and were killed by leaf ninja’s alone. And Tayuya Sakon and Ukon were killed by the joined forces of a leaf and a sand warrior. So was Kimimaro. Two men we believe. One name Rock lee of the leaf and Garaa of the sand.
She also predicted that Ryo, our older brother, would disappear. He vanished a day after Ihjiry and Tazy left the village. The last prediction she tolled us was that….. “ We said but trailed off at the end. Not wanting to say the last prediction that she tolled us. “That what?” Sasuke asked wanting to know. “She will be eclipsed by her dark half and kill the person she care’s for the most…..” I said, my voice breaking twice, but trailed off. “Ryo.” Jasmin murmured silently. Sasuke’s face twisted in confusion. “But if she took her sister with her wouldn’t she be the most important to her?” He asked. “Ihjiry loved Tazy yes but Ryo was more of a father than Orochimaru was. She loved him more than Tazy. I know what your thinking how could that be. But Ryo and Ihjiry were closer than Tazy and Ihjiry. She left the village two day’s before He came bake from his month long mission.
“He was devastated. He said that it was all his fault and that he was responsible. He said that he should have brought Ihjiry with him. He knew that she knew that the only way she could ever leave was if she left when he was gone. So she maid plan’s with Tazy and they escaped.
She was way stronger than Orochimaru could ever dream. And she was only ten. Think of how powerful she is now. There’s no doubt in my mind that one day she will come here and kill Orochimaru that is of coarse if you don’t kill him first. Now don’t worry I’m sure she won’t come after you.
She would be angry that someone ell’s killed him but she won’t try to hunt you down and kill you. She would only want to fight you and see if you are stronger than her. If you are than she will leave and never come after you again.” Jasmin said once again trying to scare him. “And if she’s stronger?” he asked.
“She will beat you into a bloody pulp and curs at you, but she won’t kill you. She will get you to train harder so that you could try to come get her. That my friend is what she would do.” I said smiling. “Is there anything ell’s I nee to know about her?” He asked. “I giggled again. “She’s the prettiest and strongest of the sound. She was given the coed name was Black panther and black mamba. She was sly and beautiful but also a blood thirsty killer who enjoyed playing with her pray. She‘s the last person you would want to get into a fight with. When fighting us we always killed our prey faster than her. We also played with our opponent but she took it passed anything we ever did.” Jasmin said smiling. “We were all named something. I was named whit tiger. Jasmine’s name is red minx and Tazy is the cheetah.” I said staring at his pointy hair. “Ok so why dose Ihjiry have two name’s?” he asked. “Because she was the most dangerous out of all of us.” Jasmin mumbled. His eye’s widened. “You should go get settled in now. What room are you in?” I said changing the subject. “Room 109.” He said covering his emotions once again. I gasped “That’s Ihjiry’s and Tazy’s old room!” I yelled in horror. “Leave it to father to do something to make us resent him even more.” Jasmin said sighing. We lead Sasuke to Ihjiry’s room. Neither of us talked to him. We walked away from him angrily as he put his stuff in our sister’s room to destroy what we had with our little sister.


Me and Jasmin herd the alarm go off. It meant that someone was strong enough to get into our main base. We ran to the room where Orochimaru held Tazy. We knocked the door down. A gasp escaped our lip’s when we seen her. She whipped her head to the right to see what the loud noise was. A wickedly evil smile crossed her face. This was the same Ihjiry we knew and loved but she was also much stronger and much, much cruller. She was crouched down on all fore’s like a panther about to pounce on it’s prey. She slowly cocked her head to where Sasuke and Orochimaru stood. “Where is Tazy? And don’t tell me she’s not here.” She stopped mid sentence, her voice was seductive as always but it was louder than usual. “I can smell her.” She continued. Orochimaru smiled and pulled the veil that hid Tazy’s body. Her smile faded when she seen Tazy. Her lip curled showing her sparkling and sharp fang’s. He tail whipped at the ground furiously and her ear’s moved to where ever a sound came from. “What did you do to her?” She asked with acid in her voice. “We were experimenting on her. We wanted to see what was the extent a demand could take.” He said smiling evilly. “We?” She asked confused. “Me and your precious sister’s. They didn’t want to go through it themselves so they went out and captured Tazy so I could experiment. It was quite….thrilling” He said smiling. She looked at us with wide confused and angry eye’s. “I didn’t do that. I had nothing to do with this!” I cried telling the truth. It was Jasmines’ idea and somehow I got pulled into it.
Furry was bright on her face. She wasn’t going to believe me no matter what I said. “She telling the truth it was my idea and I pulled her into it. Don’t be mad at her be mad at me.” Jasmin said protecting me. Her furry vanished. She turned her attention to Orochimaru and Sasuke. “You must be Sasuke. I have learned much of you from my team mate’s. You are such a fool for leaving the Leaf village. You were given the choice but you chose wrong by picking the path of power. I left this village because it causes nothing but pain and misery. It forces a change to who you really are.” She paused to look at Orochimaru and continued. “Because of him I’m a blood thirsty monster. And one day I shall end up killing someone very precious to me.” She said sadly. “Another one of your premonitions Ihjiry?” Orochimaru snapped. She vanished only to appear standing two inches away from our father. “My premonition’s have never failed. I said Ryo would leave he left. I said Kimimaro would die of a disease and he died of a disease. I said that the person that will kill you will be one of the Uchiha and your new ‘vessel’ is an Uchiha. You were almost Killed by Itachi. Do I need to go on?” She said throwing all her premonitions in his face. “And do you have any new one’s?” He asked still smiling. “Yes I do.” She vanished again and appeared in front of Tazy. “Tazy’s soul will be sucked from her body by one of her sister’s.” She answered and smashed the glass, that Me, Tazy, and Jasmin couldn’t make a crack in, into a million pieces. She caught Tazy’s body before it was touched by anything. She vanished again. “Jasmin! Jade! Go after her now!” Orochimaru ordered. We vanished as well. We followed her until she stopped about three mil’s away from The main village and laid Tazy down. “Forgive me sister but there is no way you ill survive. It is so that you will still be here with me. Your spirit will be released when Orochimaru is dead. I promise you that.” She muttered showing her tear’s. She whipped her tear’s from her eye’s and bit Tazy’s neck. She sucked the life from Tazy as quick as she could then when she was done she picked up her body and headed off to where our mother’s grave was. We followed her silently. When she reached the grave she laid her body down then turned to where our mom was berried. She manipulated the ground and put Tazy’s body next to the perfectly mummified Yumi, our mother. She then placed the earth back and took off again. We followed her to find a small camp. She was greeted by a nervous girl with silver hair and gray streaks. She wore the symbol that Tazy was supposed to be wearing. Ihjiry smiled at her as if she was Tazy. She had returned to her human form. The girl looked at her and noticed that her eye’s were different. She shook her head and scolded her. Then an older boy came out smiling stupidly. He jet black hair and brown eye’s. He was a gennin from the leaf. He looked mad at her but then he turned to where we were hiding and said something. Ihjiry put her hand on his shoulder and said something that maid him look at her with big eye’s. He frowned and walked bake to his tent and took it down. Ihjiry and the girl she had replaced tazy with giggled. Then Suki appeared. Why is Suki here? Is she working with Ihjiry?