Gotta love that ceram wrap

Well, I do have a rather entertaining story to tell you all today. Now I don't suggest that you try these things, they are for the brave hearted, or just the plain stupid like Katie and I.
It involves my dear friend Katie and I doing some rather silly things. It all began with a phone call, we had been discussing pulling some pranks in school and I had the perfect idea.
I told Katie that we should ride our bikes through the hallways, she said that we should just take one, and she sits on the handle bars and I pedal. I agree to this and dig my bike out of the garage.
So it's the night before the prank, we had it all planned out, we were going to start in the 20's hall, and working our way down the ramp into the 30's hall.
So we are sitting around, thinking of what else we can do. I propose that we cover ourselves with ceram wrap over our clothes. Katie laughs and agrees and then says that we should also use light sabers, so we decide that we will fasten those to the top of our head using the ceram wrap. We also throw in neon green goggles somewhere along the way, and in the morning we are ready to go.
So we sneak in with our bike and hide them in the Janitors closet. During the first period, we ask to be excused to go to the restroom. We then run outside, take our bike around the corner and wrap each other in the ceram wrap, and fasten on the light sabers.
We quickly run in and jump on the bike and embark on our grand crusade. We round the corner and students start gathering by the window. I thought that the freshmen were going to die laughing, the rest of the student body got a kick out of it to.
We turned the corner again and ran into the school officer, Hayden. So of course he grabbed katie off the bike, I couldn't leave a friend behind so I proudly went to detention with her.
So what is the moral to this story children? Life is to short live it to it's fullest even if you look like a moron