I swear I am uploading more stuff soon xD!!
I'm working on two things currently, almost finally done with the promised Halloween picture. Just have to finish the background.
I went to my dad's house today, or his ex house now that he sold it. The buyer was there today with her two little girls. They were so cute, the three year old wouldn't leave me alone and tried to make me play princess with her, something I never was into even as a child.
The other one was only three months old and was the cutest baby I had ever seen. After I went back downstairs I discovered that they had ninja painted my elbow when I wasn't looking. WTF How did I not know that?
When I came back to my mom's house, I had successfully locked myself out of the house, so I had to pop out the screen in the window and crawl through on a milk crate. It probably would have been amusing to any by standers around.
So what's new with all of you?