Anime vs. Manga

This is my opinion on manga and anime.
I am sure that nearly everyone out there has fallen in love with a certain manga. And then you are even more thrilled to find out that there is an anime that goes along with it. But does anyone ever find that with every anime that is fashioned after the manga, has something missing from it?
It's always cool to see your favorite characters in live action, and hear what their voice sounds like. But you have to admit, sometimes it can be a bit dissapointing. Maybe you pictured your character to act or move differently in live action, or maybe you thought the voice would be different.
When you read a book, or manga, your brain builds up a mental image of that character. You analyze and record the impression you get from the book and store it in your mind. Then when you see the anime it's like
Anyways, moving on to the second issue with anime. Manga, even though mostly pictures, forces you to read. Many mangas, such as one of my favorites. "Death Note." Is plum full of good dialog and great conversations. Anime however cuts much of that dialog to cram all of the show into a thirty minute session. Not to mention manga flexes your brain (not as much as a real book of course but you get my point)but with anime you sit on the couch while your brain zones out.
Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate anime. The artist and animators pour all of their talent into the shows they create, well most of them anyways. So now that you know what I prefer, let's hear what your choice is.