Exams, Graphic Designing etc.

So here's another post for ye all to feast your eyes upon.

Firstly, it is beyond me how I can be having exams 2 full days before Christmas Eve. Really beyond me!!!
And to make it worse, it's my easiest course. Just makes me depressed thinking about it because I really miss home right now

Anywho, my exams have been relatively alright thus far, and I trust that that last one will be easy as well. I've decided to major in Computer Science and minor in Accounting, they go hand in hand, it can work.

Also, in my last few uploaded wallpapers, you may have noticed the logo "Damj'd Designz". Well that's a little graphic design group that me and my friends formed. We plan to go hard or go home. Our prime area of interest is making designs for T-shirts, and of course, finding a market for them and selling them.
That's only one area though, the rest will soon be unveiled.
I plan to make a career out of this, out of graphic designing on a whole. That's right, whether it be web designing, 2D or 3D animation, I'm going make it my passion, my purpose to master every nook and cranny of that trade.

Wish me luck!

Oh and, you might think that I've stopped making anime wallpapers .... well yeah I have stopped making them. I think that There's only so much and no more that you can do specifically with anime. But at the same time, I'm grateful for anime. My hobby of watching it and that little desire in me to create wallpapers of my favourite characters are what have inspired me to well, become a graphics designer. So in that regard, I thank anime, I really appreciate it!

Don't worry, I'll still watch you when I can.