Learning Experience

Soooo, for starters, just to answer a few questions that I want to answer from my last post.

1.) Behold, I have learned how to cook.
2.) I'm managing quite well on my own(without parents etc.)
3.) I have indeed met some of the best friends that, along with my other best friends, provide the most unforgettable experience a guy can ask for.

Living on hall, at my university, has been quite a fun and well, learning experience. Being in a new environment where I was surrounded by varying new cultures has really opened my eyes a lot.

I've matured as a man. I've learned not to judge people nor to discriminate against; to be accepting despite whatever personal view they may hold. I'm human, I make mistakes, but I am learning from my mistakes so that next time I'll know what, and what not to do.

It may have just been one semester, but I have learned so much, and I am truly grateful for every lesson learnt.