AARRGHH Bloody Lizards!


Ok, let's begin.

Once upon a time, a young boy growing up was oft request/begged by his terrified mother to execute lacertilia that had the audacity to go into her room. And so, time and again, the boy killed and killed until one day, *gasp* the boy himself develop a fear and an excruciating hatred for lizards! Now, the boy is forced to kill in fear.

*Clears throat*
This damned lizard had the bloody nerves to come into my fudging room when I'm about to fudging sleep!!!!
And the worst part about is is, it escaped, it fudging escaped the wrath of my broom and Raid insect spray! That pisses me off even more. The disgusting sons of witches. Kill them with fire, kill them all with fire!!

Death to all lizards I say, exterminate them!!!!!!!

That is all
/End rant.

Good day folks, and to those of the West Hemisphere, top o' the morning to yah.

My very first blog post - Summer, SPAIN!!!! etc

Contrary to this world's name, I can't sing to save the life of a kitten slowly drifting in a river. Yeah I'm that bad.

Anyways, its summer of course, and for me it has had its ups and downs. Some days are boring, some are extremely boring then others are quite fun. All in all though, I can't complain.

That final match between the Dutch and Spain was an intense, foul ridden game. So many dives, players trying to argue with the refs but never succeed, and on more than one occasion they get a yellow card. Despite such a fierce game, Spain finally got a goal in, a well deserved goal at that.

PS: That bloody octopus was right!