Welcome to an all-expense-paid vacation of despair! Say hello to your favorite chaperone, Monoguin!

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Let's get this snow on the road!

Nighttime Announcements #1

Ding! Ding! Ding! Good evening, abominables! In case you sooooomehow fished it, SHSL Architect, Morioka Kaede, was found guilty of brutally murdering our dear silent heroine, SHSL Mime, Kamada Shizuka! What a plot twist--I...

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Yonamine: I couldn't believe it. I'd played right into Morioka's hand. He killed Kamada. He tried to frame me. He outsmarted me. If... I hadn't chosen him to come with me to Kamada's room at br...

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Investigation Rules/Instructions

Welcome to the investigation portion of our despairing roleplay! The investigation will run until the trial begins, which is a fairly hefty amount of time, so use it wisely! Personal investigations should not take the entire time, but the time win...

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Yonamine: I didn't sleep well that night. What did my letter say? Who had it? Was I in danger? These questions plagued my thoughts until Monoguin’s morning announcement came. Ding! Ding! Ding! &ld...

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Chapter 1: MOTIVES

Yonamine: My door closed with a 'click' behind me as I returned from my time with Kamada. I checked the clock: it was nearly midnight — much later than I was supposed to be out. Tossing my room keys onto the nightstand, I flopped down...

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