Welcome to an all-expense-paid vacation of despair! Say hello to your favorite chaperone, Monoguin!

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Let's get this snow on the road!


Hi guys! We haven't had an event in a while (Okay, a VERY VERY LONG TIME), and I've been itching to have one. I'm in the main chat right now, so if you happen to be online, feel free to swing by! I'm working on some writing and watching the new season of Tokyo Ghoul holla, so it'll be super low-key and casual!

Also, expect some news regarding Case 2 within the next month! I'm sorry that it's taking this long but mmm. School. Holidays. Mmmm. Victim and culprit, please work on your case or I am going to cry/DESIGN THE ENTIRE THING MYSELF. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I WILL DONALD TRUMP YOU BOTH. YOU ARE REPLACEABLE.


Brbrbrr... Brbrbr....


What are you doing? Why are you looking at me like that? I wasn't sleeping... I was just... resting my eyes...


Bah! Okay fine, I was sleeping. Had a nice dream about Mexico. Met my long lost brother, ran from some drug cartels, y'know. It was like a telenovela!

But enough about me! Go play with your classmates! Study for a test, plan a murder, do something together! And let... me... sleep... brrr....

((aka I just woke up from a nap and it's 10 PM so hi come join me even though i am in no mental state to rp properly-))


Just a reminder that the optional event will be happening tonight at 10 PM EST! Hope to see some of you there!

ALSO, there may potentially be another event tomorrow night, same time! It's a bit up in the air at this point, as I may have plans, but even if I do, you guys can still hang out on your own terms! I know yall love me/yonamine, but it's not really a necessity for me to be there since these events are mainly for the purpose of goofing off and bonding.

But yeah, see you all in a few hours!


Hello, friends! I know this is rather short notice, but there will be another optional event this Friday, October 10th, at... somewhere between 9-10 PM EST, probably!

If you didn't come last time, I highly encourage you to come out to this one! The first event was a lot of fun and we got know each others' characters a lot better. We discovered that Kimiko is a tsundere, Tachibana's got some sick slow-dancing skills, Yonamine is the ringleader of a harem, Etsuko is... well, Etsuko, and even if you're an SHSL, it doesn't mean you're good at baking! What will happen this time? Tune in to find out!!!11!!!1

I'll post a reminder on Friday as well as a more concrete start time. Remember, you can stop by whenever! Even if it's just for a few minutes, good times are sure to be had.


The event begins in 40 minutes (Aka, 10 PM EST)! I'm currently hanging around in the main chat, so if any of you all are online now and would like to head over to the chat, you won't be alone!

Remember, you can stop by at any point during the night because tbh I've done a lot of sleeping today so I myself will probably be awake until at least 1 or 2 AM despite the fact that I've got a lot of homework har har