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Utena is back!

Right stuff has licensed Revolutionary Girl Utena!

Shattered Angels manga should be licensed in the USA

I'm soon going to watch the series shattered angels soon. I hope Tokyopop will license the manga version soon. The anime has already been released here in the USA.

The Creator of Wedding Peach is now on Facebook!

For those of you who are fans of the most popular magical shojo anime, Wedding Peach, the creator Nao Yazawa is on Facebook.com.

Gossip Girl gets their own manga!?!

Gossip Girl series is now becoming a manga series ansd you can read the first chapter in the January 2010 isssue of Yen Press Plus magazine available now. Go to Yenpress.com for more details.

Junjo Romantica U.S site

I have been to the official U.S. website of Junjo Romantica and I got to see the trailer for it. The anime get's released in 2010 soon. For more information, go to: romantica.rightstuf.com and make sure you get both seasons 1&2 coming in DVD boxst in 2010!