Special A

Oh, yes it's the intense smell of rivalry that's in the air. Hikari hanazono take on her undefeated enemy kei takashima who had win in a wrestling match while thay were both young.however, it's no suprize that kei is the champion no matter how hard anybody trys.somehow he always find a way to make hikari victory blow up in the end. even though hikari has worked non- stop to beat kei,she has dreadfully still ranked number two throughout the whole school.- that is something kei make fun of very often.Hikari is part of an elite honor group called special A that consist of the top seven students of the school. kei is ranked number one above all others. throughout the anime special a still contains it power of many viewers that has fallen in love with. In the anime Spcial A has 24 episodes in the anime and 99 chapters in the manga. special a shows ambition, determination, love, and bit spice of unrequited love.Spcial A has cast a spell on all veiwers. Have you been cast already?