Akatsuki Clubhouse: Akatsuki's Ballroom event part 1

Warning: This may be OOC.

It was a quiet moment in the Akatsuki clubhouse, where all the students of the akatsuki clan were all bored, not knowing of other things to do. They are really in need for some form of enjoyment. But they have all used up all their energy for homework.

Then came an announcement from the leader, Pain.

"Yo peeps. Wanna have some dancing fun and plenty of delicacies to eat? Tonight there is a ballroom event called "Akatsuki Relived", exclusively for akatsuki members. Those who are interested say WOOHAA loud and clear!" came Pain's voice over the PA system.

At this point, the entire class of akatsuki screamed WOOHAA in unison, signifying their enthusiasm to go for the event.

"Haha. Good. Looks like all of you are enthusiastic about the event. A chance for you to relax yourself after days of hard work in studies. Therefore, you guys go back home and prepare your most gorgeous and handsome outfits for the ball trip. We will meet back here near the clubhouse's main gate and a bus will take us there. See you all."

To cut a long story short, everyone went back home, prepared their outfits and returned back to Akatsuki Clubhouse.