Here I am starting a Tokyo Mew Mew family, just a rp world pretty much.

Members so far:
Me as Ryou Shirogane
Cloudberry As Mew Mew Ichigo
enternalsnow54 As Mew Mew Lettuce
HulaBerry32 As Zakuro
inufluffy12 As mew mew pudding

My sisters and me

awwww... dont we look cute together?

Hi! I'm Aoyama Masaya!

Hello! Nice to meet you!

As i just noticed, Ryou has not put me in the introduction where the links are, but anyways, I'm Aoyama Masaya, and i should say i'm very pleased to be in this family and see you all! I know, i couldnt get a decenter picture of me since MT and ZC dont have pictures of only me, but pictures of Ichigo as well. Ha, i bet your asking, "Who is this Ichigo?" Well, she is my lover and i love her very much, and to the people out there...SHE IS MINE!! ♥

I hope you all like me. Masaya signing off.


I really really really reaaaaaaalllyy wanna go to the beach again! Can we? Can we? Huh? Huh?

Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello I would like to introduce myself., My name is Mint. And its a pleasure to be working with you all. I hope we can get along.


I know, it's a very late introduction, hardly relevant now but none the less I just wanted to inform you I am your boss Ryou. I needed to apologize for not being around much, I just got really busy