†this is an awsome manga that i love to read! †

but seriously i know that thos ho read it like it it has a well developed story line with good charecter development and twist that keep you gessing
its a school drama with some other stuff
There are 44 chapters so far, and 9 volumes out in Japan, with more on the way.
sumery of first book
Haine Otomiya, a 15-year-old high school girl student at the elite private Imperial Academy (帝国学園 Teikoku Gakuen), was apparently sold to foster parents for fifty million yen. A one-time gang member, Haine reformed when she met Shizumasa Tōgū, who told her to live life how she wanted to. She fell in love with Shizumasa and entered the Imperial Academy to try and win his love.

Now, Shizumasa is the Koutei (皇帝, Kōtei, lit. emperor) of the school. Being the president of the student council and the only member of the gold class, he is the one who everyone looks up to. Through various circumstances Haine is tricked by Maora, a student council member, into becoming his bodyguard and joining the student council. However, Shizumasa claims not to know her and is unexpectedly cold towards her.

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oh btw im slow i just baraly found out that the name shinkuru[shinkuro?]
is the short name for the gentelmens aliance cross [shinshi doumei cross]
[weee also i my colection on this book is going great i have every book out [in america]so far except for 7 and 5XD]

omg!!!!shes going to jump!!!

I CANT WAIT ANY MORE!!! im going to read the rest of the searys online i dont care any more!
i cant wait anymore !!!!
i was waching amvs and i cam actoss some major spolers so i cant wait anymore!!!
im going to one manga XD!!!
well hers an amv[wich i will post in my anime addicaton world as well!]
[spoiler moment 2:26-2:28]
it might not seem like much but i was waching other amvs and i could peace all of the stuff togeter


i was looking stuff up on this monga and found out that the author is going to end it a t book ten!!! i was like wtf nooo.... y y couldint it had gone as long as full moon T.T
[latest book coming out book 6] so i guesss it still is a good while before it ends in america and hopefully mabe it will get turend in to an anime!..[mabe]
i also red a reveiw on it and they said they didnt like it because it had to much detail and was too complicated
no duh! its monga what are you a fricken monky i rember thinking this while i read it im not smart and i get it perfectly!
well anyway hers an amv that i saw on you tube its realy awsome! so plz wach itas about this manga and i think it will get you guys interested in it

twards the end wne you see ppl geting maried dont wory its no spoyeler its haine's mom and dad geting maried[flash back] it shows tanakanari as her father cause she is fantasising about their weding

thats the next book that is cooming out's cover
lol i know it looks super girly but the book isant that much [way less than full moon]

lol i just found out!

they made the catagory for this manga alredy yay ! i alredy put this world under the gentlmen's alliance cross!!!!! i mad this world before they had it and every time they would put up that they added more catagorys i would ask for this one !! dran ...no i fergot thow i cant realy send art work thow! because of the fact that i dont have my own scaner T.T
lol iree musick goes off int the back ground
no worys ppl its just vampoire knight the anime !lol
well i wont start talking about vk here thats what the other sigh gets on
lol i promis to submit jentalmens aliance cross when ever i get my scaner[person] back !

a wonderfull amv that i didnt make!!!

lol so pleas do not deleat user that made this i just wana show it to ppl k?
nice mercifull amv maker !
well anyway this is an amv that a freind of mine from youtube made!
i love it and it shows the awesomeness of this manga so please enjoy ^^

...well sence it doesent show i wil give you the linck so pleas!!! wach k?