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I presume I'll treat this as something related to things anime and manga.
Still deciding... > >

In the meantime, it's pretty much anything magical ninjas (of the Naruto universe) here- because I'm apparently a Naruto-fan. ' -'

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10th Year; My Three Idiots

Pretty much, this august marks the 10th year i've held onto these characters.
I still like them. I'm proud of them and they motivate me to improve my art!

The pencil images are from at least 10 years ago, when I was first trying to figure out what they looked like!
The digital images are all from this year- with a larger, more appropriate personal testament to my "3 Idiots" in the making.
(digital// names left to right: Teraki Harow, Chisato Ayuko, and Ametsu Kane

(I think it would be pronounced; "kah-neh". Furthermore, "ayuko" is widely used a first name- but i am the person who will dig into dictionaries and databases for a variety of translations until something fits [and even THAT is questionable] and "Harow" isn't even Japanese; I don't care at this point! haaahaa *snort* ahahahahaa! i love these guys... even if they haven't diverged into their own universe yet... Like Kiippon.... > ,> )

External Image
...this would it the same image, but larger

Do understand, these are my beloveds. Do not run off with them.

-holds breath-

I'M DRAWING FAN ART. SO MUCH FAN Ar-- *INNnhales* and no will stop me. >, <

This has been a brief and almost pointless click to my world! THANK YOU!

Naruto Finale - Chapter 699/700

Read it earlier this afternoon. Great ending. Worth the wait.
Well, I enjoyed it. Some didn't. Some are claiming to deny its presence.
But, I can sport it.

Do not mention anything to spoil it.


Only because I love him.

and its his third birthday.

Maybe! Maybe a little Kiippon instead!