KIRA LIVES!!!!!!!!

OMFG,i am just randomly writing this as i go along

I can feel him....inside....telling me to....let go.

"Light, time to get up. You're going to be late for class." my mom yelled as I quickly woke and gathered my things. As usual, I have placed the Death Note in the triggered drawer of my desk after I put a small piece in my watch.

"Light, honey, are you up?" she yelled again. You might have guessed that I didn't want to go anywhere after staying up all night writing names in the Death Note. Well, I went anyway. I know that L is dead, but I also know that he's still here. Then Near and Mellow came into the picture. I thought that when I got rid of L, everything would be easy.Now I know how wrong I was.

"Come on Light!" Sayu yelled.

"I'm on my way! I'll just be another minute!" I yelled back to the women of the house. With Near, being L's rightful succesor, in the U.S, and me in Japan, we had no problem comunicating. Near is pretty much like L in every way. All of the detectives, what little there are left, think that I should be L's succesor. Matsuda, being his usual self, was the first one I saw that day. The others were around, just not where Matsuda and I were. Misa came by and we talked for a while. We were going out to dinner that night and she didn't want me to forget. I can tell that she misses Rem a lot. She's been doing fine though. When I got back inside, Matuda and everyone was standing around the door way with a sort of 'we know who you are' look on their face. Of course, I knew what the problem was, but I asked anyway.

"Hey guys, what's going on?"

"I don't know why, but Sakura T.V. is talking about Kira again. Personally, I think it's just for their ratings. After all they've done it before, remember?" one of them said.

"Oh, that again? I think we should ignore it. After all, they need to get their viewers back after the host was killed by Kira."

'They still don't know. Ha! Those fools. They will never figure out that, I AM KIRA ONCE AGAIN! L was right, he's always been right. He was right about everything. Right from the very begging. Too bad Rem had to kill him. Ha ha!'

i wrote a little more though. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!
Sorry people, I'll have to finish it later, i know it's not much but how do you like it so far? I am just randomly writing this as I go along, i have never written any of this before. I promise I'll write more very soon. i promise....>_<