Now it's official: I HATE contests with no jury.

Yeah... this is like... the first contest I'm in :) On YouTube. A fandubbing contest. Basically you sing a song from Buono! and post a video response.
Voting time~ You can vote for three fandubs you think were best.
It's all nice, people who vote for nice fandubs, then poof~~ People start voting for a single person, not saying anything about the dub. Just the name. And sometimes the voted person's singing is not really the best >__> I honestly only saw one person that deserves the votes... And, if you check the voter's channel, surprise!! The voter is usually a good friend of the participant.
Not to mention about the dozens of PMs that I received with the link of the voting page and the message: "VOTE MEEEEEE PLSSSSS"

Gosh people WAKE UP!
First of all, we should vote the FANDUB, not the PERSON WHO SINGS!
Second of all, we should promote our videos, not beg for a vote! It's not like we are at an election d'oh
Third, these contests are supposed to boost your confidence if you get a vote. Oh, but not in this case.

Seriously, I don't like how all this turned out. A singing contest suddenly became a popularity poll. I'm terribly disappointed. I'm not saying I want to be a winner. I'm not the one who should decide who sings best.

If you wanna see a link, here it is.
Well I'm ShinigamiDanna, born 1 October 1992 (girl), anime fan who likes to draw, sing, make videos and soooo on xD
Favourite animes/mangas: Kuroshitsuji, Count Cain/ Godchild, D. Gray Man, Kaleido Star, Yu Yu Hakusho, Death Note
Favourite video games: Final Fantasy series, Heroes of Might and Magic, Tomb Raider series, and so on xD
Reading now: Sherlock Holmes' adventures
Hobbies: reading, singing, dancing, drawing, rollerskating, meeting new people, taking walks, taking photos, voice acting xD

In case you want to see how I look, I'll post an image xD

That's all for now... and next, I'm gonna kill you with Vincent's theme as sung by me lol (lyrics by a friend of mine)

Ja ne~

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