Welcome to Shinigami Academy. A school for souls who wish to become a shinigami. By enrolling in this academy, you are one step closer to become a member of Gotei 13.

Alrite, here's the thing. anyone who is interested can join this academy. you will start as a new student (1st grade, 10pts will be awarded upon enrolment). if u complete a task/ join activity you will be promoted to higher grade. the highest grade is 4, after that u will graduate and join the Gotei 13 (the journey wont ends here..).

1st grade: 1-30 points
2nd grade: 31-80 pts
3rd grade: 81-180 pts
4th grade: 181-250pts

ok, if u like to join,pm me with these details of your OC

-squad that u wish to be in
-fav captain
-place of origin (seireitei or rukongai)
-do u have any friend/family in Gotei 13? if yes please state their name and squad no.
-do u have any skill/power/special ability

that's all for now. if u have any questions or anything just leave your comments here or simply pm me.

>>> tho the 'class' have already started, we are still accepting new students. so just send in your application if u are interested.


-Name- points (grade):

-Kokoro Tokushi - 165 (3)
-Suchi-ru Harmony - 120 (3)
-Hisa Yuki - 336 (OFFICER)
-Vathana Hadachi - 212 (4)
-Toko Namonje - 113 (3)
-Kikyo Aburame -75 (2)
-Renton - 13(1)
-Kira Yamaneko - 54(2)
-Toma Kuchiki - 205 (4)
-Takeshi Ray - 62 (2)
-Akane Kasomi - 81 (3)
-Raidon Takumi - 227 (4)
-Hiroshi Tsubasa - 10 (1)
-Tendo Hiruma - 65 (2)
-Yoko Minamino - 65 (2)
-Mchile - 60 (2)

-List of Assignments /Tasks
>Assignment 1 - Soul Society
>Assignment 2 - Riddles :submit your answers before october 9 2009
>Assignment 3: Shinigami's New Year (ends Jan 15,2010)
>Assignment 4: Interview (ends May 11,2010)

>Soccer Rules


Well it's been a long time, and that's really an understatement. But I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is doing well. This was one hell of a story, and it still is an awesome story. I was going through this world from the beginning to the end, and I gotta say...we deserve our own arc haha. But I do want to thank everyone here, since I came to this world when it was first starting off, and man was that ever a blast! I also just want to say I'm on and off the Otaku, and it's been a long time since I've spoken to any of you guys, but you're all still epic people~
But still, just want to say, Shinigami Academy Class of All of Us FTW, forever and always, live and learn everyone~

P.S: I'm sorry I've been gone for so long, so much stuff is going on it's not even funny haha, high school is crazy, I hope everyone is doing well!!!!


~*Akane*~ “Hisa! Please be careful!” I yelled from the ground. She was high up in a tree. “I’ll be fine! Quit worrying!” She yelled back down at me. “O-Ok.” I said. But she slipped...

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She's back

~Hisa~ I took a deep breath in once I exited the tunnel that linked earth with the soul society. It was good to be back in the serite. I wanted to see my friends so I quickly ran to squad ten’s barracks to let Captain Hitsugaya know t...

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Long Regret

*Raidon* -3 weeks ago- Hiroshi remained silent as we walked through the halls of the Squad 4 barracks. I was a little confused. He was usually the energetic, crazy guy that everyone just stares at. Now, he's serious and tens...

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No Room Anymore

~*Akane*~ I fought to stay awake, and eventually I could hear who it was that had come over to me. “Akane, please, can you hear me?!” He said. “H-Hiro…” I whispered. “Don’t close your...

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